2012 autumn and winter blowing jazz style handsome ride is the trend

Lead: Fan Ye Xun brother's neutral charm makes people insane, today's handsome woman is more worthy of love and be appreciated! Full of personality to express themselves, is so handsome and charming! 2012 autumn and winter jazz style is the perfect interpretation of personality , as long as the heart can match with your own unique style.

2012秋冬刮起爵士风 帅气搭是潮流(图1)

To create a jazz range, pullovers can have, but what vintage, ah, fancy national wind, hook flower patterns must not have, the more simple more children, with Plaid suit pants, nine points with a pair of black Leather shoes, handsome full.

2012秋冬刮起爵士风 帅气搭是潮流(图2)

Nude colored double-breasted trench coat, denim shirt with black tights and jazz shoes, a small hat with the look to make the whole body look more style, and feel monotonous even more playful!

2012秋冬刮起爵士风 帅气搭是潮流(图3)

Plaid shirts, whether they are used inside or jackets, are enduring fashion items, and the British style children and Jazz style children also rely on it, do not look like these seemingly monotonous grid, but there are thousands Tens of thousands of changes!

2012秋冬刮起爵士风 帅气搭是潮流(图4)

Plaid long suit with a small plaid trousers, although a check, but it will not feel cluttered, different sizes and patterns of staggered staggered is also a good attempt.

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