Bossini Borsch 2012 winter trend of new products

Bossini Borsch 2012 Winter Trend New! Release Date: November 2012 mid-February 2013 bossin Lady Bossini Collection Nordic tourists ● Winter, the total people feel warm and comfortable. Furry coat, leopard coat, leather washing machine jacket, triggering the natural rate, free and easy. Mix and match Nordic tourists style, into the national pattern, add fashion freshness. ● trend shear hair sweater, cute Lace, people feel good. Warm checkered shirt, with a different sweet mix. Do not forget the handsome military jacket, season plush Trimming effect, different texture collision sweet cool Mix & Match. Pants, try the new darling of this season - Color Coating Jeans, 尽显 slender legs. Personalized winter ● put on a red, gray, so that the winter season has become grand and bright. ● stylish fur coat, big collar down coat, diamond-like imitation cotton jacket, special focus. ● hairy lattice jacket, sweater mosaic knit sweater, triggering the feeling of style, people shines.

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