SAKINA M'SA brand women to make urban women live the wonderful life

All women are eager to elegant and comfortable life, you can enjoy the French red wine, enjoy delicious desserts, from time to time and dear him, wear casual and generous clothing, go out and travel together, feel the charm of nature, Let life live more exciting! SAKINA M'SA brand women to help urban women to create elegant, comfortable, free and good life, live the wonderful life.

SAKINA M’SA品牌女装 让都市女性活出生命的精彩

SAKINA M'SA brand women's casual fashion-oriented, single paragraph wearable, easy to mix and match, the color black, white, gray, apricot, orange, printing, fabrics mainly of natural fabrics and furs, advocating elegant , Fashion, comfortable dressing method, with the natural, urban, identity and memory as the design inspiration, adhering to the European heritage of the long clothing culture, integration of urban women in China characteristics, using the most delicate cotton, wool, silk, new blended and Leather as raw material, showing women's elegant intellectual and casual dress style clothing. The brand emphasizes the theme of the series and the collocation of a single product, simple and smooth lines and exquisite hand-made, giving SAKINA M'SA's gorgeous and comfortable dressing.

SAKINA M’SA品牌女装 让都市女性活出生命的精彩

Brand Positioning

Elegant intellectual, fashion and leisure, to 25-40-year-old independent, confident, deep culture and elegant taste of women as the target consumer group.

Market planning

SAKINA M'SA brand in China's regional market planning is as follows:

To the first-tier cities in the high-end women's shopping centers, second-tier cities for the radiation, radiation third-tier cities

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