How to choose a pair of suitable high heels

[ Ben. -Shoes and Life] Big Thousand Worlds, which women do not have a few pairs of beautiful and fashionable high-heeled shoes? However, although high-heeled shoes, often wear but it will cause foot pain. So, let us remember the following tips and carefully select a pair of high-heeled shoes for yourself.

Buying shoes, especially high heels, is the key to choosing the right time. It is not appropriate to buy shoes in the morning, because in the morning it is the time for the least moisture in the body. It is better to choose shoes from 3 to 6 in the afternoon, because the feet will expand slightly at this time, if the selected size is not small There is no problem wearing it at other times of the day.

Selecting breathable materials is the key to ensuring comfortable feet.

Whether the shoes are comfortable or not, the foot knows. To feel comfortable wearing high heels, the material of the shoe is the key. Buy shoes can not only map style, color, in the scope of economic conditions permit, should be the first choice of breathable, sweat absorption function and elasticity are good, face, in and out are full leather shoes. This type of shoe is more wearable and conforms to its own feet. It does not stomp, and does not rattle.

Selecting a soft and flexible sole is the key to ensuring easy walking.

When wearing high-heeled shoes, soft and elastic soles are the key to keeping your feet relaxed and your feet healthy. Hard heels or metal heels with high heels will not only make the soles of the feet feel pain, but also tend to pull the tendons of the calf, leaving little attention and making it easy to injure the legs. The soft and elastic soles not only can disperse the impact more evenly, but also play a role of “helping go”, making it easier and more comfortable to walk away.

Selecting an ideal size of shoes is the key to keeping your feet healthy.

In order to make their feet more delicate and petite, some people often like to buy small one-size shoes. Do not know that after wearing, the momentary appearance of the feet may cause a series of symptoms such as corns, blisters, foot pain, and leg pain. The ideal size of the shoe should be: Ten toes can move freely in the shoe, with a comfortable cushion and a moderate internal space; the curvature of the bottom of the shoe and the depression of the foot is very close to the feet, and the cheekbones and toes do not touch the shoe; The forefoot must have a certain amount of room for action. It is best if the size of the foot is between the heel and the back of the shoe to reach a finger.

Amy stylish female friends, in this colorful autumn, master the above four points, earnestly choose for themselves a pair of high-heeled shoes, happy to walk through this charming autumn it.

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