Search in special: zara do e-commerce has no effect on company sales

On the special exchange on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Thursday, Zou Yu expressed that zara can cover the third and fourth tier cities for e-commerce, which has no effect on company sales.
Zara is a subsidiary of Spain's Inditex Group. It is both a clothing brand and a chain retail brand specializing in ZARA brand clothing. It has a number of specialty stores in China. On the platform mentioned above, some investors asked Zara to do e-commerce without affecting the search results.

In this regard, search Yu special said that each brand's style, style, price, etc. are not the same, have their own consumer market, the company is currently preparing for online sales.

Sou Yute is mainly engaged in the design and sales of youth casual apparel products under the “Frontier Line” brand.

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