Lazise new women's clothing quarter to create a new service milfs king

Levin posture apparel (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. pioneered women's brands ROJROVER (Levin posture) from the market reaction has been extraordinary, its apparel targeted at mature career women 28-45 years old, simple, natural style not only maintain the original atmosphere and Europe Leisure, but also shows the mature and subdued women of the East charming unique charm.


Simple design, fashion, career and leisure complement each other, the classic and the atmosphere. Selection of high-quality fabrics, and rigorous process, from the overall to the subtle show of urban business women noble, elegant, free, subtle temperament.

莱姿女装本季新品 打造职场熟女新服王

Excellent design and management philosophy to promote the rapid development of Lazi brand, sales rose rapidly with impressive results. In 2012, Lai Zi women continue to attract franchisees to join the country, the establishment of a stable chain sales network. Autumn and winter, Lazise women's integration of the forefront of the world's most popular elements, for many women to create reflects the elegant intellectual, fashion reflects the trend of the new service!

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