BEYLEY fashion women reflect the unique beauty of oriental women

[BEYLEY Beili ] design team originally designed the European apparel as the main body of the European apparel culture has a deeper understanding of BEYLEY Beileix stationed in China's fashion brand design concept is also derived from the European women 's fashion brand , with European elegance The passionate culture is an element that shows people's pursuit of fashion, happiness and beauty, and encourages the peaceful coexistence of people.


【BEYLEY BEILLEY】 is a collection of the world's national costumes the perfect combination of elements of women's clothing brand to Europe and Japan and South Korea clothing elements as the keynote, combined with the unique temperament and charm of oriental women, with costumes and cultural demonstrations Oriental women's unique wear taste

"BEYLEY Beili" brand promotion is not just fashion, promotion is a concept of life, a dress culture, reflects the modern urban women a confident, elegant, the pursuit of fashion appeal.

【BEYLEY BEILEY】 integrates all kinds of popular fashion elements into the brand, keeping up with the fashion pulse of the world and constantly changing the elements of apparels, keeping up with the changing requirements of urban women on the visual, sensory and comfort of the dress, fully reflecting Urban women's elegance, temperament and harmony "BEYLEY Beili" fashion women.

BEYLEY时尚女装  体现出东方女性独有的曲线美

BEYLEY fashion women's uniqueness:

【BEYLEY Beili】 brand will be designed by the Singapore design team will be the international fashion forefront of the popular elements accumulated in the "Beyley Beili" apparel, interpretation of unique BEYLEY Bei Li brand features a rich and diverse series of products, BEYLEY shellfish Li's products are mainly reflected in the physical element of the United States, the beginning of fashion design joined the three-dimensional design elements and exquisite hand-crafted, reflecting the unique curves of the East Asian women, but also to repair the lack of physical defects, which is "Beyley Beirut "The brand's unique design style.

BEYLEY时尚女装  体现出东方女性独有的曲线美

BEYLEY Fashion Women's unique style:

[BEYLEY Beili] brand mainly in fashion, low key, elegant design philosophy, suitable for age: 23 - 40-year-old urban fashion women, the basic positioning of the price in accordance with

"1" Spring and summer fashion uniform national price: RMB499--1299 yuan

"2" autumn and winter fashion national uniform price: RMB699--1999 yuan

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