Aqua Kids make your BABY have a different fashion childhood

Chinese brand name "water boy", the brand intended to children like water pure and thorough, lively and clever; French brand name "SOUHAIT", from French, and "hope, good wishes" means "the child is The hope of the world is our wonderful tomorrow. " The brand was first established, "water boy" will be unique design, environmentally friendly fabrics, exquisite workmanship and moderate price won the majority of consumer recognition and love. In 2001, Beijing Olympic tricks, wearing children's clothing in Moscow, the perfect interpretation, it is still fresh memories. SOUHAIT children's clothing for the global city of Cenozoic to provide high-quality children's clothing, style with mass consumer features, stylish colors and outstanding personality. Fine workmanship, colorful colors and a wide range of design, SOUHAIT interpretation of the increasingly perfect. SOUHAIT children's wear to ethnic, environmental protection, fashion, vitality, science and technology for the design concept, committed to the bright simple style. With many years of market experience, SOUHAIT Children's Wear accurately studies the needs of children in different regions of China and seeks to make children wearing more comfortable, beautiful and fashionable clothes. SOUHAIT think children's wear not only bring children fashion, but through the fashion to bring children happy and happy life. Simple, gorgeous international urban style is the basic SOUHAIT children's clothing positioning, which produces a series of multiple thematic stories each year. In addition, SOUHAIT children's wear under the guidance of "ethnic & fashion" advocate "traditional fashion, national internationalization." Continue to carry forward and carry forward the Chinese culture, quarterly will launch the corresponding theme of the national wind products, the past few years, the series of products well received by consumers.

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