Towels often identify the kitchen with an old towel

Many families have the habit of washing with old towels and using them as rags. As everyone knows, if the old towels are not used properly, it will cause new pollution and affect the health of the body.

the reason:

Old towels have been used for other purposes, especially face towels, and are likely to be contaminated with bacteria or pollution sources. For example, the use of face towels for people with infectious diseases, skin diseases or eye diseases can be used as a rag to spread the pollution. If the face Towel is used as a kitchen rag, bacteria will easily enter the body due to the wipes on the pan and the cooktop, which may cause gastrointestinal diseases or other infectious diseases.


If you can't bear to discard the old face towel, Li Hongzhu suggests that it can be used to wipe the floor after disinfection. Boiled with soda water, not only can be disinfected, but also make the old towel softer. For life rags and kitchen rags, use new towels or go to the supermarket to buy special scouring pads, because the fibers are specially treated to be soft and oil resistant.

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