Marni's Summer 2013 Summer Collection showcases free-standing personality and unconventional personality

Italy's first-line fashion brand MARNI in 1994 by the Castiglioni family to create. For more than a decade, MARNI has always insisted on its unique girlhood outlines, ingenuity of the print design and a touch of bohemian style, MARNI's follower team has grown.

玛尼 - Marni

Outstanding, original design and rigorous, high-quality style, MARNI won the brand exclusive landmark style: eclecticism. For MARNI: Eclecticism is the perfect fusion of early hippies and modernity.

Marni 2013年夏季特别系列  展现自由个性和打破常规的个性

The Marni 2013 summer special series harmoniously demonstrates the freedom of personality and the unconventional attitude. With casual and exquisite style accurately reflects the feeling of dress, tough jacket and inspired by casual sportswear single product, showing a neutral and smart and feminine. Bold print and naive, slightly childish lace with a brisk feeling. The ultimate effect is surprisingly impressive.

Marni 2013年夏季特别系列  展现自由个性和打破常规的个性

For a long time, MARNI's chief designer Consuelo has always insisted on his own ideas, does not mean unconventional or unconvincing or blindly follow the trend, so that MARNI in many designer brands to establish their own distinct personality. Today MARNI has become the leading luxury Italian women's fashion brand in the international fashion show their style.

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