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Fuzhou love Duo Er Clothing Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, is a collection of production, research and development, marketing in one of the modern children's wear enterprises, the company successfully introduced the world-class brand "love child", in 2008, has successfully launched the "children of love "Professional boy brand. "Love child" "Love child" as the high-end European style and taste of children's clothing brand, for children aged 3-16 design and development products, advocating love of nature, full of love, the pursuit of self-concept of healthy living, the product has a rich Fantastic color Has been awarded the Chinese market excellent product quality, consumer recognized best-selling brand, was named Fujian famous brand, the Chinese children's clothing industry top ten brands. Currently, the national garment quality exemption enterprises and Chinese well-known trademarks are being declared. The brand culture of "Ai Duo Er" lies in the fact that we regard every girl in the real world as a cute, kind, sincere, intelligent and honest like an angel. . . . . Girl. However, each girl in the real world has its own personality. They have different personalities, growth experiences, family background and so on. Therefore, each child's growth has a strong plasticity, we believe that children should be respected choice, respect for the child's desire for growth, give them ample space to form an independent personality. It is also because of this "love child" culture in the angels are diverse, as long as we can give children enough growth of love,

Rayon Herringbone has close relationship with ribbed twill fabric. These two kinds of fabric are all twill structure.  In order to achieve typical herringbone twill structure effect, twill direction change into a distance of 5 mm, generating Z type pattern.The Spec. of our Rayon Herringbone Fabric is 60*60/90*88. It can be used to make women's clothing.

Rayon Herringbone

Rayon Herringbone

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