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"Eminu (eminu)" is Dongguan City Star Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully operated high-grade fashion casual clothing brand. Since its establishment more than 10 years ago in 1996, it has been moving toward the development goal of "building the No.1 brand in China's fashion and casual wear". It has taken the lead in introducing the "Franchise" model in the domestic apparel industry and taking the road of brand franchising. With "solid strength, High-quality products, perfect service, a unified image "won the majority of customer recognition and affirmation, among consumers have a high reputation. After 2006 "Hongtu wings, leap in ten years," the baptism of the end of 2007, according to the image of the flagship store in Taiwan opened in Taiwan, Jordan and other countries joined the retail retailers, according to the official sign by Minho to expand the pace of overseas markets. In the product development, "according to m slave" to "create high-quality high-end fashion casual wear" for the design concept, to convey the modern city of casual culture at all times, the establishment of training a group of highly professional design team, And in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States and other regions set up a number of product development cooperation site. In the promotion of brand image, "according to Minu" has successively applied for film and television superstar Ann Asahi, Stephen Fung, Hong Kong aunt Joey Yung, idol group B0Y'Z and popular youth idol star Ming Road for product endorsement. Leveraging the stars, continue to inject new vitality into the brand, transmission of new brand concept. In the image design, the company has a professional planning and design team, combined with the latest brand store image strategy for the terminal stores in the country to provide a unified and professional image design, advertising and event planning programs to distinctive store image, warm Shop atmosphere, caring, efficient service, quickly enhance brand awareness and reputation. At present, the "My-mino" brand has set up 3 branches, more than 20 general agents and nearly 2,000 stores in 28 provinces and cities nationwide. The huge sales network covers most of mainland China, Taiwan and most of Southeast Asia area. For a long time, according to Minho is committed to creating a new life attitude and a new concept of life - the courage to explore and practice, to break the routine, to create new popular style. New combination, new technology, new fashion leisure, interpretation of new visual experience ... ... In the future, by the Minato people will continue with the "Prom dresses fashion" firm belief in diligently explore, keep learning, growing, sincere service in emerging The world's vibrant population, in the vast Blue Ocean continue to write a new "legend by the slave." According to Meinu Clothing Co., Ltd. Website: http:// Contact: Wang Chunyang

JNPFOOTWEAR Men's Indoor Slipper should be fashion and in a reasonable price.

We've cooperated with some fast fashion brands, you could also saw our men's indoor slippers in Am**.com, and other shopping website.

The founder of JNPFOOTWEAR, Bin is in our developing team. Most of the paper patterns of our men's indoor slippers are made by Bin himself. Bin think our men's indoor slippers should be in a good look and shapes as men's outdoor shoes. So he still use the traditional way, that make the paper patterns of men's indoor slippers based on suitable shoe lasts.

Products are products, no matter what values are, it should have a goods look and wearing comfortable.

Welcome to cooperate with us to make the men's indoor slippers in your market, feel free to tell us your ideas.

Men's Indoor Slipper

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