Big customer development skills

[China Glass Network] The 2/8 differentiation phenomenon of customer value has almost become the iron law in the market. For enterprises, the contribution rate of large customers even exceeds 50% of the total profit. In some industries, this ratio will higher. Therefore, the development of large customer resources has become the main guarantee and breakthrough for corporate profits.

The big customers mentioned in this article are not individual customers with large consumption quotas, but organizational customers with large consumption, such as purchasers, distributors, and group customers. The author below summarizes 10 major customer development skills based on years of market experience.

1. Adequate customer visit preparation

Now, when many salesmen find the target customers, they immediately pick up the phone or turn around and bring the information to the door. This is likely to be rejected by the customer because of insufficient preparation, which wastes valuable customer resources. The correct way is: before you call the customer before the previous call or visit the door, learn as much as possible about the information of the big customers, especially their demand information, but also think about the problems that the other party may ask, may occur. The focus of the controversy, the bottom line of concessions, etc., the more prepared, the higher the chance of success. In addition, it is recommended to contact the unfamiliar customers to find the initial communication through telephone and other channels, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

2. Become an expert in the products you sell.

Large customers are different from ordinary customers, and their professional requirements are very high. Therefore, whether the business personnel know enough about the products to be promoted, whether they are professional enough, and whether they can give customers confidence, it becomes a key factor in the transaction. We are very easy to accept the advice of a certain expert, and it is easier to believe the words of the professionals. Therefore, being an expert in the products you sell is very helpful for the business. On the contrary, you don’t even know your own products. How can customers buy with confidence?

3. Create value for customers

Assuming that the goods the customer needs are only available to your business, do you still need a business person? Still need us to develop customers? Of course, you don't need it. At that time, customers naturally squeezed their heads to find you to cooperate, because the value you provide to customers is special. Just like Microsoft, we have almost no choice. Therefore, it is rare to see Microsoft to sell. Their operating system. But there are not many companies like Microsoft. We don't have to demand special value. As long as we use goods as the carrier, we can provide more value to our customers. Big customers will talk about it. Moreover, only valuable cooperation can last. Don't think that you can have a long-term cooperation with a key person in charge or a key person in charge. The way to long-term cooperation is to create value for the organization of big customers. For large customer organizations, it is valuable, important, and even irreplaceable, so you can own the big customer for a long time even if you don't maintain the key person in charge. Of course, unless the person in charge is the owner of the business, the maintenance of his personal relationship cannot be relaxed. The big customer development tools that capture key decision-making figures in large customer organizations are common means that everyone is familiar with and accustomed to, so I won't go into details here.

Providing great value to customers is difficult for business people to do. It depends on the organization of the enterprise, a kind of thinking and decision-making at the strategic level of the organization, and this is the key to a company's long-term survival and development. What business people can do is to share some valuable industry dynamics, sales data, marketing advice, etc. with their major customers.

4, pay attention to competitors

Why don't big customers work with you? It's not that they don't have demand, but that your competitors better meet their needs, so it's important to focus on your competitors. When we develop large customers, we often use big customers as our opponents. All the power is placed here. In fact, it is the competitors who really influence whether we can reach deals with big customers. We have big customers when we beat the competitors.

Therefore, we need to fully understand the situation of our competitors while understanding the situation of our major customers, including their strength, what value they can provide to their major customers, what their bottom line is, what are their weaknesses, what are the strengths, etc. We understand The more clearly, the greater the grasp of defeating them, the so-called confidante and knowing each other. When we put together the relevant data of competitors, the relevant data of big customers and their own data for comparative analysis, the tactics of attacking large customers naturally surfaced. However, it is difficult for a business person to understand the information of all parties, and it is better to play the power of the organization.

5, organizational system support

The various strategies and tactics mentioned in this article involve the organization, because the big customers we have to face are the organization of customers, and the individual strength to deal with the apparent weakness. Only the organization has planned intervention support, the business personnel can borrow Make force and complete the task.

When we develop a large customer, it is basically a big customer who is targeted by a special person. However, when faced with the comprehensive and professional needs of a large organization, one person often seems to have insufficient ability. At this time, a large customer development support center can be set up. Leading and sales managers at the decision-making level of the enterprise, the full-time large customer developers and sales department, planning department staff (part-time), business personnel in the process of developing large customers in the process of any problems can always ask the "think tank" for help, timely resolution Difficulties, improve efficiency and success rate. The center should have a database, including success stories, success techniques, lessons learned, customer data, and support that the company can provide. Depending on the industry, the database project is also different, so that it can provide a lot of business people. The decision-making basis for thinking and action also accumulates valuable experience and data wealth for the organization.

6, process decomposition

Because the situation of large customers is more complicated, the ability of business personnel is limited, it is difficult to cover everything. They are characterized by their own strengths, but each has its own shortcomings, and it is often easy to lose big customers in the weak link, even if it successfully signs, A lot of time is wasted on work that you are not good at. This is a waste of human capital for the company, and it also affects efficiency for business people, which in turn affects income.

Organizations can dismantle all aspects from finding large customers, intentional contacts, further communication, follow-up, trading, and maintenance. For example, a person is responsible for collecting customer information from the Internet, newspapers, television, etc., because the work is repeated, the experience is gradually accumulated, the speed and efficiency are very high; and the work responsible for the initial intentional contact is handled by the telephone marketing staff. Naturally, it is better at telemarketing skills, and can quickly detect the customer's reality; the next intentional customer is to be "out-of-war" salesman who is good at communicating with the customer face-to-face; after reaching the basic cooperation intention, or the customer has professionalism When the problem arises, the professional staff and the customer can discuss the details of the cooperation and further persuade the work, because this link is reflected in the link that the customer can bring value and dispel the customer's concerns, so the more professional and effective; the list is negotiated, handed over A person who is good at engaging in customer relationships maintains. In this way, people who have their own strengths can develop their strengths, repeat and do it, and they can make perfect and improve their efficiency. Of course, depending on the actual situation, one person is responsible for 1 to 2 links, but not more than 2 links.

From a management point of view, repeating a job is conducive to speed and quality improvement. Just like the assembly line of industrial production, it can greatly increase productivity, the signing rate increases, and the income of business personnel naturally increases. From the perspective of business owners, process-based operations can avoid the situation of cultivating a salesperson to “fly” a salesperson. This is very common in enterprises. The reason is that a business person has completely mastered the operation of all aspects of the whole process. Ways and tricks, later on the customer resources. There is a saying that is good: "There is a big temper in this matter." At this time, the business personnel who have "cost" are dissatisfied with the original treatment, and they must choose to leave the company if they are not satisfied. If the process is used, the employees' pockets are drummed, and they can't leave because they have dependence on the company.

However, the use of process operations must deal with the problem of job assignment and benefit distribution according to the company's own situation, otherwise it may dispel the enthusiasm of some of the links, dragging down the entire process, but also make the various links with a smooth information model and a scientific system. It can be seamlessly connected to avoid resource internal consumption and reduce efficiency.

7, large customers to develop interactive
<br> <br> buy things airs, selling things obsequious, this situation is very common in large customer transactions, the reason is that the initiative and interest caused by asymmetry. So let's change our mind: If we become a big customer of a big customer at this time, what will happen? The relationship is equal, and the customer is naturally more talkative. For example, some companies now take large customers in insurance, banking, telecommunications and other fields to take your purchases. We buy your insurance or credit cards, phone cards, etc. Although this interactive and mutually beneficial model is effective, it has certain limitations and limited industry scope. Let us expand our thinking and achieve mutually beneficial cooperation with our target customers through a roundabout approach. The former model is for two different supply and demand customers: for example, a special steel manufacturer negotiates with its customers and a real estate developer – if you buy a XX control water valve from XX, I will offer XX The price of % provides you with special steel for construction. Go back and find another big customer, metal valve factory, negotiate with it - if you buy our XX tons of special steel, we guarantee that a real estate developer buys your XX valves. So the three parties benefited, although the real estate developers gave up some profits, but they have sold two business, it is still cost-effective; the other model is for upstream and downstream customers: for example, a timber company negotiates with a wood processing machine manufacturer ——If you buy the desk and chair of my big client company, I will buy you XX wood processing machine, and in turn negotiate with the big customers who sell office furniture – if you buy our XX meters wood raw materials, I guarantee My customer below buys your XX desk chair. It's like a chain of creatures, and we can make a profit by connecting them ingeniously, even creating a win-win situation.

8, customer recommendation

In many industries, the relationship between the industry is very close. If you can let existing big customers recommend your products or services to other customers, the effect will be far better than the pursuit of our business people. So, how to work for the customer's adult Jinkou Yuya, help us do this? There are two methods: 1. Let the interests be leveraged. For example, introducing a “next home” will have certain benefits for this customer. The benefits vary according to the industry, and the recommended customers can share the recommended. Some of the customer's resources, purchase products or services have greater benefits; 2, the more direct and effective way is to make a good relationship with the responsible person, so it is much easier to ask for a mouth. If you have both of these conditions, it is not difficult for your customers to be your salesman. However, the customer's recommendation is just to help us open the door of the next customer, and we must work hard after we go in.

9. Pay attention to the people around the decision makers
Some of the decision-makers, such as assistants and secretaries in large client companies, have no decision-making power, but they have strong decision-making influence. Even the key to business success or failure is determined by these people. These people are the cronies of the decision makers. The decision makers will refer to these people's opinions, offend, despise or neglect them because they feel that they have established contact with the decision makers. The result may be that these people have become the main reason for your business failure. If you make good use of these people, they will become the openers and guides of your business. We can learn all kinds of information from them and get all kinds of small help. On the contrary, it may bring a lot of small troubles. These positive or negative effects are small, but they are about success or failure. These people are like gears in a clock – a gear can't push the clock, but a gear can stop the clock.

10. Public relations means innovation

Nowadays, the public relations and maintenance methods of big customers are basically for dinner, bathing, and playing cards. We spend a lot of money and take a lot of time, but our customers don't appreciate it, because everyone is doing this. As the saying goes, "Every day, eating dumplings doesn't feel incense." Even customers are still in the many foods. It will be more picky, who is better, who is more generous, not only in vain, but also because the customer thinks that you don't value him, and you don't want to eat or drink.

I believe that this kind of invitation is not, and it is not a dilemma. Our big client developers feel more. At this time, the innovation of the big customer development model is necessary. Marketing is innovating every day, and big customer development has been stuck in a relatively low-level and old way. At this time, if we change our thinking and innovate in the way of big customer development, we can squeeze the big customers’ homes. When you are at the gate, find the side door that no one is walking to achieve the goal. We can broaden our thinking and avoid the red sea competition developed by big customers without taking the route of others. Due to the difference between industry and business, the forms and methods of big customer development and innovation are also different, but there is a principle that can be followed - everyone else is going to the road, and only I am alone.

According to the author's actual experience, I propose some innovative methods and ideas for your reference: First, the necessary communication medium, eating, entertainment or something, but this is not an important development link, the focus is when we eat and entertain A harmonious atmosphere to understand customer preferences and needs. First of all, the more urgent needs of customers or their organizations are a better way to break through. This kind of demand may be in various aspects. Sometimes the customer does not think that you can help him, so he will not say it. We want to be good at chatting with customers and letting customers open their voices. Of course, this also requires us to guide, and important information is in it.

Once I met a very old-fashioned, unsmiling person who didn't like to eat and drink. It was difficult to get a big customer. The conventional means were not interested. Later, under our guidance, I finally opened his words. He talked about his son. Closer is letting him buy a new mobile phone. My assistant Xiao Wu thinks that the customer is suggesting to have a mobile phone, but I found this customer's tone with a hint of helplessness. It seems that there is another hidden feeling. After in-depth inquiry, I learned that his son is 15 years old and will soon be in high school, but he always does not like to study, but his mind is smart, and he has always been in the middle of the class. I suddenly thought that I have a friend who is engaged in psychological education. It is mainly through a set of interesting teaching courses and psychological counseling developed by her to help young people who do not love learning to have an interest in learning and to understand methods. Afterwards, I paid the friend a tuition fee of 20 class hours, found the client, and offered counseling for his son for free. After a month and a half, the customer excitedly called me and said that his son’s test score improved by six. At the same time, I invited the psychological teacher to go to dinner. Since then, our three regular gatherings have become good friends, and the business is natural. not a problem.

Another time, the key person in charge of a major big customer is also very immune to eating, drinking, and playing. The business is not going well. Once he saw a Chinese painting on his computer screen as a desktop, after deep discussion I learned that the person in charge once loved art, and because of his family's poverty, he dropped out of school and studied business, but his love for painting has not changed. During the conversation, he learned that he likes Chinese painting, and his paintings and painting styles are also clearly understood. After half a month, I spent 4,000 yuan to buy a painting by a famous Chinese painter. I gave it to the customer. The customer was shocked first, then the customer was very happy. The next business was successfully achieved. After that, the method of maintaining the customer was to send a few The pictures of the famous domestic artists and the tickets for the exhibition of Chinese paintings are not expensive, and the effect is very good.

Due to the many different factors among the industries, the development skills of major customers are also different. They cannot be used one by one. They can only enumerate some common skills. More hope is that they can give you some inspiration, expand their ideas, and combine themselves with Industry characteristics create an effective way to develop large customers. The philosophical aspects of things are common. When developing big customers, there are two elements that are effective in any industry, that is, reverse thinking and continuous innovation.

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