French Aimei Te ladies, taste determines life

Originated from the romantic country of France, Aimeidite , a collection of thousands of pet in one, fashion design advocate simple, generous, elegant concept, the clothing itself to take three-dimensional version of the outline, filling the mature charm of women. With high-quality design, advanced processing technology, professional market analysis guidance, accurate market positioning, Aimei Te ladies with just 3 years time, the development of nearly 300 image stores across the country, the distribution of the store across the country 30 Provinces and autonomous regions directly under the Central Government, by many urban women pro-Lai.


Aimeidite team committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products, the most attentive service, uphold the priority of efficiency, mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy, the company is committed to product development and design, improve the quality of clothing, and strive to create international women's well-known Brand. Achieve the inherent beauty of women.

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