Anhui Textile Industry: Undertake Transfer, Innovation Brand

For Anhui, a large agricultural province, the textile industry is directly connected with the increase of farmers' income and employment, and it is of great significance to improve the quality and benefits of development. Last year, the total volume of the textile industry in our province historically exceeded the threshold of 100 billion yuan, and achieved a total industrial output value of 118.88 billion yuan. The Anhui textile industry, which had had a glorious history, after experiencing the low tide of the 1990s, was keen to seize the opportunity to undertake industrial transfer and actively “climb shifts” to upgrade the industry and radiate new vigor.

Undertake transfer support leader to enhance industrial concentration In October 2008, the leader of the national knitwear industry - Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting "Lazi" Wangjiang, established Shenzhou Knitting (Anhui) Co., Ltd., from start to production, took only 110 days . In 2011, the company achieved a production value of 1.6 billion yuan, paid taxes of 32 million yuan, earned foreign exchange through exports of 15 million US dollars, and became the largest garment export company in the province.

Why is Zhejiang's textile giant eyeing Wangjiang? "We have abundant and excellent cotton resources and nearly 100,000 garment industry workers, which laid the foundation for the development of a differentiated textile and garment industry." Wangjiang County official said. With such advantages, coupled with the opportunity of the local government to seize the transfer of industries, timely formulate development strategies, actively innovate investment service mechanisms, and vigorously improve the investment environment, prompting a group of leading companies to take root and produce results.

The high-quality investment environment in various regions has attracted many “golden phoenixes” in the textile industry. Our province has formed the Huamao International Textile Industry City with Huamao Group as its core, and the central China (Suzhou) with the Fujian Sephora Group and the Baode Group as the core. In the textile and apparel industry base, a number of textile projects have landed in places such as Wangjiang and Susong.

At present, the province's textile industry is in a period of accelerated development of “climb shift”. “The completion of these projects will effectively promote the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in our province, and greatly increase the degree of industrial concentration.” Vice Chairman of the Provincial Textile Industry Association President Yan Liming said.

It is understood that in 2010, the number of textile enterprises above designated size in our province grew by 27.87%, far exceeding the national average growth rate of 4.5%; in 2011, the number of textile enterprises in the province still reached 1,082 after the adjustment of the base number of enterprises above designated size. In recent years, with a number of textile and apparel projects in the southeastern Fujian and northern Fujian areas completed and put into production, the province has formed four national textile industry famous cities (towns) in Yuexi, Wangjiang, Susong, and Suncun, Wuhu. There are 4 listed companies, namely Maode, Gaowei Hi-tech, Huafu Color Spinning, and Xiake Color Spinning; in textile products, it has won 5 Chinese famous brands, well-known trademarks, 42 Anhui famous brands, and 38 famous Anhui trademarks.

Strengthen technological innovation and management, expand domestic demand and expand the market Since last May, Europe and the United States economy has been in a downturn, international demand is weak, coupled with a series of factors such as increasing corporate costs, the textile industry is facing more challenges. To this end, the province's textile companies responded in a timely manner and took positive actions.

“On the one hand, the cotton price has risen rapidly and the company’s raw material expenses have increased. On the other hand, orders in Japan and Europe have been declining and demand is not rising.” Zhan Lingzhi, chairman of Huamao Group, said that in the face of difficulties, the Group is active. In response to this, a set of effective “combination boxing” responses have been produced: Take effective measures to stabilize the market, do everything possible to improve product quality, pay close attention to management innovation, and formulate a variety of incentive policies to motivate employees.

In view of the high cost, some textile companies such as the Beijing-Kowloon Silk Group have actively created conditions to increase the added value of products through technological transformation and increase the profits of enterprises. Through technical innovation, the level of technological equipment and capability of independent innovation of the entire industry have been continuously improved. At present, the province's cotton spinning industry, the international advanced level of technical equipment has reached more than 40%; backbone enterprises, the main product quality in the domestic advanced level; the industry has a total of two national-level enterprise technology centers, provincial-level enterprise technology centers 25.

In the face of a sluggish international market, a group of export-oriented textile enterprises are "in danger of seeing the opportunity" and regard "domestic demand" as a new driving force. Anhui Hongrun Group's down products are mainly exported overseas. After 2007, the company began to vigorously cultivate the domestic market and build sales channels throughout the country. “At present, the company is in the stage of opening up the domestic market and establishing the brand. The goal is to achieve more than 4,000 sales outlets in China within three to five years.” The head of the group revealed.

Recently, the China National Textile and Apparel Council and the Provincial Textile Industry Association investigated the textile industry in Susong and Wangjiang, and found that the textile industrial clusters in the two counties still maintained rapid growth. Most enterprises are also optimistic about the economic situation. . The cumulative effect of undertaking industrial transfer and adjusting the industrial structure has led to a simultaneous increase in the quality of the textile industry in the province. In 2011, the total amount of textile industry and profits in our province reached the best level in history, and the major economic indicators were higher than the average level of the same industry in the country.

Improve the starting point to seize the focus of independent innovation tree brand Today, the province's textile and garment processing base has gradually formed, the characteristics of the regional industry clusters have grown in size: the "Hua Mao International Textile Industry City" as the focus, the city of Minjiang River hope Textiles and Clothing clusters such as Jiangsu and Susong are becoming bigger and stronger; “Central China (Suzhou) Textile and Apparel Industry Base” as a leader, led Huaibei Huafu Spunlace, Vickers printing and dyeing industry upgrade, and accelerated the north of Anhui Province Textile and garment industry development...

While making great progress, the “short board” of the textile industry in our province has also been exposed: the industrial structure is not reasonable, the proportion of refined and deep-processed products is low, and there are few well-known brands with strong independent competitiveness and insufficient competitiveness; Compared with developed regions, there is still a certain gap.

In 2012, it is the year for the full implementation of the “12th Five-Year Plan” and is also the year for the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading. “We must take a high starting point to undertake industrial transfer and focus on promoting transformation and upgrading. We should improve the cultivation and promotion of the textile and apparel industry chain, give play to the exemplary role of the backbone enterprises, and promote the transformation of the entire industry from the production of primary products to sophisticated processing, and enhance product competitiveness. Expand market share," Yan Liming said.

Touch the crux of the problem, the right medicine. In accordance with the development goals of the “12th Five-Year Plan” of the textile industry, the province will continue to support independent innovation and brand building, accelerate structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and realize the transformation of the textile industry from resource advantages to technology and brand advantages. This requires companies to strengthen their own technological transformation and technological innovation, promote technological equipment to leap to the domestic advanced level, create brand-name products with independent intellectual property rights; also need government departments to work together to help companies alleviate ** difficulties, reduce the burden.

The difficulties encountered by the textile enterprises in the development have aroused the attention of the provincial party committee and the provincial government. The province's textile industry forum held on March 6 clearly stated that it is necessary to work hard to create a favorable policy environment, step up the development of practical and feasible assistance measures, and help textile companies solve problems such as employment and unemployment, and guide the smooth transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

With the combination of government and enterprise, innovation and guidance, Anhui textile industry, which is climbing, will surely “smoothly shift” and gallop along the road of high-end and brand-name development.

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