Colona image full upgrade simple but not simple

Colona brand has completed the storefront image upgrade. Refreshing Keluonai image shop, decoration style is simple, modern revealed a sense of intellectual elegance. The new terminal image focuses on the design of space and props details, a good embodiment of the "simple but not simple" design philosophy.


The endorsement of the portrait of the Corona terminal, not only the overall transformation of the image of Corona, but also to meet the Colona costume style transformation of an overall improvement. Next, Colona will further promote the upgrading of the brand image, allowing customers to truly feel exclusive Colona style transformation. And, from the internal quality of service, the external new image of two aspects, to create a new feeling of Colona.

珂罗娜形象全面升级  简约而不简单

The new transformation of the Ke Luo Na, will be the most intentions of design and services, fitting new innovative clothing market.

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