Where is advanced clothing advanced customization?

With the development of China's economy, more and more high-end consumer groups are not satisfied with the stereotyped machine-made garments. The advanced customization of garments featuring hand-crafted, personalized and high-quality clothing has become their preferred clothing consumption status and status. symbol of. Undoubtedly, high-end customization has become the "blue ocean" of domestic brand clothing companies. However, compared with some foreign luxury, high-end and other old brands, domestic clothing brands are "born after generation" regardless of brand history or operation management. Is high-end customization a “pie” or “trap” for domestic apparel brand companies? Is it a daunting task for the future, or is it more difficult to accomplish?

With the global economic downturn, China’s economy is thriving, and many domestic apparel companies have shifted their business focus to the domestic market. Some of the original companies with their own brands have expanded their domestic channels, and other OEM companies that have previously used processing and production have also launched their own brands, and foreign well-known clothing brands have vigorously explored the Chinese market. The clothing market has become so popular that competition has become increasingly fierce.

There are three main challenges faced by enterprises in developing high-end customized market segments:

Bear the brunt of the brand's challenges. The brand is the symbol of historical precipitation, art and quality. The formation of the brand depends on the investment and accumulation of the company. This is precisely what the domestic clothing companies have neglected and lacked in the past. Foreign brands, such as Chanel and Zegna, have played a key role in the success of the high-end custom market. Therefore, the domestic apparel brand enterprises should first accurately address high-end custom brands and vigorously shape the brand culture and artistic temperament. The alternatives are the acquisition of high-quality brands at home and abroad, or cooperation with well-known designers to launch designer brands.

The second is the challenge of designer talent. A high-end custom apparel needs more than a dozen workflows and up to 10 trials to complete from the initial customer needs communication, tailoring and final delivery, which requires the designer not only has a profound artistic culture and outstanding The ability to communicate accurately grasps and expresses the customer's psychological expectations in this area. It also requires the designer's mastery of the garment making process. At present, the domestic top designers are scarce resources, especially designers with comprehensive quality capabilities are hard to find. At the same time, the introduction of top designers means that companies need to invest huge labor costs and increase the operational burden and risks of the company. This requires companies to establish a sound "select, use, educate, and stay" mechanism, not only to dare to invest in the introduction of high-end talent, but also to avoid risks.

Finally, the development of high-end custom business companies still faces service challenges. Unlike batch garment manufacturing, high-end customization from customer development to product delivery and after-sales service, the entire process reflects the delivery of high-end customized services. The customer even participates in the sewing process, and the customer is more aware of the value of the service. Therefore, enterprises should establish an independent service system outside the original channel service system, such as establishing a customized experience center. At the same time, in order to achieve a good sense of customer service, companies should establish a sound information database, including elements of popular trends, artistic temperament elements, technology and other aspects.

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