Colona 2012 summer new look fresh

Is a sunny summer, your shopping list is not long ago joined many of the summer a single product? Colona's latest summer listing will surely make you happy. Set leisure, elegance and fashion in one of the Colonna summer, it is the best choice this summer. Whether it is full design vest dress, or fresh and comfortable dress are enough to make you a beautiful summer!


Perspective equipment as one of the essential essentials of fashion people, has long been popular in the circle for several quarters. The Colona vest dress, choose a unique perspective fabric as a lining, with a slightly shorter vest skirt, to create a sense of looming layers, casual with a little sexy.


Digital printing clothes best sunshine summer. Printed clothing is still popular this year, the designers of printing favor can be said not to reduce anti-increase. Printed clothing fresh and elegant, always bring a refreshing summer inflammation. Colona summer print series includes a simple and elegant dress, fashion classic pants. This series of wild and comfortable, free to pick a white base equipment can with a very good look.


These two blue short skirts, rich sense of design. One of the chest decorated with tassels, it is both special and delicate. Water blue can lined with healthy wheat color, short skirt upper body to stretch the leg lines, make you look tall and stylish.


Suitable for occasions to wear lace little black dress, exudes a touch of elegance. There is a saying goes well, when you do not know what to wear, a delicate little black dress is always your best choice. Look at this harness leopard overalls, although the leopard print, but it seems simple atmosphere.


Modern women are full of charm, sometimes individuality, sometimes elegant atmosphere. Sometimes a woman can be handsome, and sometimes can be very graceful. This all-black jumpsuit, showing handsome and stylish jazz everywhere; black and blue combination of the strap dress, but also every woman must have one of the single product in summer.


Colona's design to meet the needs of women dress on different occasions, so that fashion-conscious women, whether at work, dating, go out or go to the ball, etc., can show the most beautiful yourself. These two stripe skirts only need a simple accessories can change a different feeling. If you are striped control, these two clothes absolutely make you satisfied.


Add nude color summer, more fit the current trend. Nude elegant color, with the integration of black, called the perfect. If you also have a black skirt, it is better to learn Colona this latest dress, with a nude belt with it!


Clothing is the best way to interpret personal style. Skull printed costumes always attract the attention of many people, it reveals the unique personality, bold and avant-garde. These two sets of dress simple but not simple, personality and not the other.

Professional Sure Grip Gloves for school marching band

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double line or vent on cuff

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Color: white and black

size: S, M, L, XL


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