Early summer hot passion Zhongshan Plaza and SEVABLM counter gorgeous debut

The passion of early summer heat up again, Zhongshan and Plaza SEVABLM Lee Plaza gorgeous debut, for a deliberately long waiting to draw a successful conclusion!

SEVABLM Zhongshan Lee and the International Fashion Mall grand opening

Kandler Microfiber Cloth and Towels is Mainly Sold in South Korea Market. Also We Call it Big Size Corn Kernel Mesh Microfiber Cloth.

The Material is for Kandler Microfiber Cloth is 100% Microfiber with 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide. The Weight for Kandler Microfiber Cloth is about 300gsm-350gsm. Different Colors Can be Dyed or Based on the Pantone Color Number Customers Provided. The Edge Sewing of the Kandler Towels is High Elastic Silk Edge Sewing. Labels and Logos Can be OEM Produced and Fixed to the Towels. 

Kandler Microfiber Towels Have very Strong and Good Water Absorption, While the big Size Mesh Contribute to Bigger Surface of the Microfiber Towels.

Microfiber Kandler Mesh Towel

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