The smashing strategy in the negotiations

[China Glass Network] The theoretical research of business negotiation originated from Western countries. The market economy of Western countries is relatively mature, forming a set of market economy operation system. The existence of business negotiations is to better achieve transactions and promote the development of the market economy. Since the author studied business negotiations, he found that the strategic skills in business negotiation are similar to those of China's military law. The strategic techniques used can find corresponding strategies in the 36 methods of the military law, whether it is text or content. A correspondence. Many of the articles on business negotiation published by the author are also the names of the strategies used in the 36th. This article discusses the business negotiation strategy of smashing fires.

The bonfire robs, as the name suggests, smashing things when others are in a fire. Now the meaning is to take the risk of taking people. The enemy is very devastated, and it is profitable. If the enemy is inside, the land will be robbed; if the enemy is outside, the people will be robbed; the internal affairs will harm the country. In history, Dole rushed into the customs. Goujian’s annihilation of Wu is a classic war case of burglary.

All the business negotiation strategies of the bonfire can be successful because of the two points: when the other party is in distress, that is to say, when the fire is on fire, in this case, the negotiating opponent insists on A, and now the time has changed. The staff has changed, the chips have changed, the direction of persistence has changed, and we have the opportunity to exchange the required chips. Second, when the other party "fires", the implementation of "robbing", others have not yet "fired" "Or "the fire has been extinguished", you go to "robbery", and then exchange chips, the effect is not ideal. I believe that the following two cases are familiar to everyone.

On the previous case: After the Japanese earthquake in March 2011, there was a rumor on the Internet that the Japanese nuclear power plant exploded, and nuclear pollution immediately radiated throughout China, and only iodized salt could be prevented. The sea is polluted and there will be no salt for sale in the future. Domestic residents were tempted to worry about nuclear radiation and triggered the purchase of iodized salt. The 1.2-pack of salt on the week was sold for 10 yuan a pack, and it was still very popular. Usually, if a bag of salt is 2 yuan, you probably won't buy it, but at this time, a bag of ten yuan is unambiguous, because your needs are different. When you are 2 yuan, your demand is affordable. In Yuan, your needs are life. There are two couplets on the Internet, which is very interesting. Shanglian: Japan is a big nuclear nation, the lower line: China is a descendant of Yan and Huang, horizontal batch: there is iodine meaning. Shanglian: Japanese people wait for iodized salt in nuclear radiation, downlink: Chinese people are waiting for nuclear radiation in rushing iodized salt, horizontal batch: no salt.

The second case: the national "SARS" incident in 2003, in which the larger winner was the manufacturer of the ventilator. At that time, the whole country was caught in a panic. Hospitals at all levels and government health bureaus were nervous. In order to prevent the occurrence and infection of diseases, they had to purchase a large number of ventilators. These first-aid substances were difficult to purchase due to transportation and insufficient supply. At this time, many manufacturers "fired and robbed" in the sky, and the first payment. Many ventilator businesses are "igniting" themselves - convincing the hospital to purchase as soon as possible, but also to fight for fire, there is no fire, no chaos can not be robbed. For example, the rise of the price of foreign milk powder, the birth of the purchasing industry is not the strategy of smashing fire.

The author personally experienced a failure case of a fire robbery. There is a salesman who can easily get the next single project, 500 electric water heaters, with a total amount of about 400,000. After the completion of the installation and acceptance of the other party for one month, the buyer of the other party said that the product installation was not standardized, and at the same time passed some photos and asked us to reply.

At the beginning, everyone felt very strange, because the other party has passed the test, and the time has passed a month, how to raise this question. The after-sales service department called the customer procurement department to ask about it. Some owners have suggested that the water heater installation is not standardized, and faxed the problem processing list.

The business supervisor called the other party's electrical department buyer. The buyer said: "At the time of acceptance, the owner's representative did not raise an objection. Now I don't know why some of the reposing owners have raised this question and asked you to make a reasonable explanation." The supervisor said: How did you ask this question at the time of acceptance and cooperation for a month? "The words have just come out, the business executives already know that they have said the wrong words, and immediately changed their mouths and said: "Our after-sales service department immediately went to the scene to see.

The business supervisor found the manager of the after-sales service department and informed the leader Liu. Manager Ma said: The problem may appear on the novice, because the standard is not familiar, at that time, the manpower is insufficient, and can only be rushed to the horse, and during the construction period, it is estimated that some water heater installation does not meet the requirements, such as the height is inconsistent, the length of the bellows is different, the socket Installation orientation is different and so on. General Liu asked: The complaints of customers should be corrected as soon as possible.

On the day of the formal negotiation, the business executive took the after-sales service manager Ma and two installers to the customer company. The customer purchaser insisted that their installation problem was a three-hour negotiation. The buyer’s momentum has been very fierce. In a passive position with the manager of the horse, he nodded and confirmed, acknowledging that there was a problem with the implementation of the standard of the installation master. After returning to the company, Liu always asked him: "How is the result?" The business executive said: "There is to be compensated for the failure to install the unqualified water heater by the customer. The compensation is 50,000 yuan." Liu did not speak for a long time after listening. This compensation is equivalent to the work done.

The next day, the business supervisor received a call from the customer buyer: "I have a small engineering order here, 150,000. Do you want to pick up?" The buyer smiled and said: "My friend's list, I am from the middle Earn some agency fees." A little communication, the business executive called Liu to report, Mr. Liu said: "Why not? If you have money to earn, do it." The business executive said slowly: "The unit price is too low. I quoted 800 yuan, he only gave 700 yuan, and the profit was too low." Liu pinched his fingers and took a deep breath: "Just keep a good relationship, pick it up." The buyer pulls a single project from a friend to speculate himself, and how much he earns from it, no one knows. And Liu is obsessed with the face of the old customers, with the psychology of accompanying sin, the low profit is still taken over. Is it true or false that the project installation in the buyer’s mouth is unqualified?

There are a lot of buyers who use the bonfire to rob this client and force the client to make concessions.

"Huang Manager, I heard that your company's funds are tight, so let me apply here, next week to see if you can pay as soon as possible. You can see if the price can be reduced again, at least 5%, my side too Good to explain."

"General Li, now is the end of the year, you are understaffed and ask for an extension of the construction period. I can understand this. But you also know that the extension of the construction period will lead to customer complaints, and we are not good at it. You can see if you can The balcony project works free of charge?"

It is hard to say whether this strategy of robbery is moral, but when it comes to business negotiations, everyone is just exchanges of chips and exchange of interests. When one party is in a "fire", which party is at a disadvantage. If the other party understands this situation, they can take the opportunity to "robbery" without regard to morality.

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