SKAP (St. gamma step) men's new products: the interpretation of urban pioneer temperament

In the eyes of women, masculinity is not synonymous with physique, and bodybuilder with exaggerated muscles. Often, the masculine characters who are gesturing with confidence, intelligence and even rebellion are more vivid and attractive to her. In this season's men's clothing show, SKAP (St Gary) men's new series to "explorer" gesture show you so that you shine in the face of the opposite sex to show the pioneering urban men's temperament. Perhaps only the uninhibited personality, in order to fully reveal the true qualities of men, this minimalist trend leading the trend of urban men. This season SKAP (St Grab) bring men's new explorers series, as if also rugged and elegant ranger, so you enjoy the adventure of the novelty and pleasure; driving the SUV on the highway all the way to run or occasionally stop to enjoy Free air ... interpretation of the unmatched reality of light and shadow, triggering people's longing for freedom. Not difficult to find, this season SKAP (Saint gamma step) men's new product for the pursuit of individuality, the Explorer series men's bag full of men's power, appearance with a little wild, but without losing the man's rationality and wisdom, love rubbing Into the power of natural beauty, its extraordinary exploration of the spirit and the whole body of the male charm, easy to capture the opposite sex. And this pair of SKAP (Saint gamma step) explorer series men's shoes, as if from walking through the light and shadow through dozens of contained so far, the classic retro style shoes, interpretation of a little romantic feelings, let the appearance of rugged urban man also play a Back to romance. Sturdy gear-shaped outsole, angular design models, so that urban men show personality, easy to jump. This quarter, SKAP (St. Galbrau) explorer series of new products, different from the traditional good man's image, the kind of highly personalized retro beauty and rapid flying pioneer temperament, deeply affecting the urban men's aesthetic taste.

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