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Wearing Gortez shoes, so that your feet instantly feel the strong changes from "winter" to "summer"; from ice to hot water, "magic" glove PK ordinary plastic gloves; the whole shoe thrown into the water, it really Waterproofing ... All this took place on the Goldsmith's Footwear Tech Experience Tour held on January 7-8, 2012 in the main square of Jin Guanghua, Shenzhen. Staff on-site to showcase the Shenzhen Gore-Tex outdoor shoes and business casual shoes, "magic." On-site shoe display area shows a variety of products using Gore-Tex's activities on the left side of the consumer experience zone is the most lively, a consumer just happened to wear a pair of Gaults shoes has been purchased for more than a year, Invited by the host, he wore these shoes directly into the shoe environment simulation test equipment. I saw the temperature slowly decreased on the test instrument, and gradually dropped to zero. Then the temperature gradually increased, finally reached 40 degrees. After that, the instrument sprays water on the upper. In just a few minutes, the experience seems to be from the winter's cold snow, directly to the high heat wetlands, and rain on foot in the walk. Asked by the host what he felt, he said the foot did not feel any noticeable temperature changes, even though his feet were soaked in water that they felt very dry and comfortable. The experienceer even laughs and questions whether the test equipment is "broken." The "glove test" experimental area has also attracted many experience. Participants first wet their hands and then wear Gloves made of Goldens film on one hand and ordinary plastic gloves on the other hand. Experience under the guidance of both hands for quick clenching exercise, blood circulation to speed up the hand temperature, and then both hands as ice water. At this moment, the feeling of both hands changed very differently. The hands in plastic gloves felt wet, cold and cold, while the hands wearing Gore-Tex's thin-film gloves vaporized rapidly and the hands felt dry and warm. This allows everyone to have no small doubt, why the gap will be so big? Staff in the consumer questions to answer these questions, the right product technology presentation and quality management presentation area staff made a detailed answer. The Gaults-inspired footwear, durable water-repellent and highly breathable, derives from the Gore-Tex film in the fabric. "With more than 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter on the film, these pores are 20000 times smaller than water droplets and 700 times larger than water molecules, which allows the Goldstein film to completely prevent external water ingress, But also the internal sweat discharged, to ensure that the shoes dry, so that both feet in the whole to maintain comfort. "In order to confirm that the saying goes, the staff will guide reporters to footwear waterproof dynamic display area, a pair of completely immersed in water Gaults shoes carried out - did not see a little water into it. It is reported that the brand involved in the event not only outdoor shoes, including well-known business casual shoes. Since entering the Chinese market, Gore has been committed to working with leading international and domestic footwear brands in China to provide high quality products and services to Chinese consumers through technological innovation. The latest "Gortez shoes technology experience journey" show the latest shoes, including Adidas, Clarks, Ecco, Lowa, Merrell, Ozark, Skap and many other well-known brands Toread. About Gore: Gore, the world's leading outdoor fabric manufacturer, was founded by Bill Gore in 1958. Since its inception, Gore has put the great vision of "global technological innovation" as the driving force for its survival and development. Multi-functional fabrics, named after the GORE-TEX brand, are listed by FORTUNE magazine as one of the 100 best American products in the world. GORE-TEX fabrics are widely used in the production of functional, protective and stylish clothing and footwear products, and are therefore well-known in the world as a leader in outdoor sports products. Gore products represent the highest quality standards, regardless of the end use of the product, GORE-TEX fabrics set the standard for themselves has always been: to become the world's most durable waterproof, windproof, breathable products. DisplayAd ();

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