"Lufibres couple" has a distinguished, stylish and confident life

A new corset by the French designer MadeleineVionnet (MadeleineVionnet), bringing new feelings to the ladies underwear , "Lufibres Couples, " heart-catching transmission of the ultimate European-style sexy and simple fashion dual charm, Classic interpretation of the lingerie exotic flavor, body shape is not only given by God, decency by virtue of a good exercise and the right bra.


Madonna Madon has said on the days of "Give me a pair of high heels, I can conquer the world." Exercise by the will, and bra under the wise choice, the French "lufibres wife" will give you a lifetime of love!

"Lufibres couple" brand all over the country north and south. Won the "contract and trustworthy enterprise", "China's quality AAA-level enterprises" and "Chinese famous brand" of the title.

“lufibres纤侣” 拥有尊贵、时尚、自信的人生

Hand in hand "lufibres Couples" brand, zero distance feel the French culture, with distinguished, stylish and confident life!

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