Man Lu card brand women's spring and summer 2012 is about to market

Man Lu card Korean women's brand design needs attention trend of thought

Man Luka fashion brand to grasp the lifeblood of the times, insight into society, people think, thinking people think. With clothing language reflects the theme of the times to meet people's needs. Guo Moruo said: "Clothing is a manifestation of civilization, clothing is the image of thought." Clothing is a material entity. From an external appearance, clothing and people depend on each Other, highlighting the luster of the shape and the image. From the internal spiritual carrier , Clothing embodies the human thinking, showing the spirit of the people and attitude to life; Modern "East Wind West," China's improved cheongsam, simple structure, full of modern beauty, just to show the elegance of elegant oriental women curve, set off elegant subtle Oriental beauty charm, then followed suit to Zhongshan, student service, etc. are in this trend of thought, was born.


Man Lu card fashion brand design requires the accumulation of material.

As the saying goes, "good memory is worse than rotten written", see more records, intentions experience, usually more accumulation, pay attention to understand each piece of excellent taste, temperament, style and its unique charm. Plus their own design experience, and gradually "read" clothing, find "feeling." Can not make a car behind closed doors. More browsing apparel magazines, conferences, etc., to collect relevant information, broaden their horizons, plot and thin hair. Costume design art is a process of artistic creation that is thought in life, thinking in modeling, blending logic thinking, image thinking, reverse thinking and rational or irrational thinking. Which contains a flash of art philosophy and rich deep cultural connotation. Therefore, to discover the ability of these glittering things and to excavate the deep sense of aesthetic taste is particularly important. Without these abilities and performance contents, it is bound to lose the uniqueness and novelty of artistic creation.


Rodin said: "Beauty is everywhere. For our eyes, it is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery." It can be said that the hidden, explosive abilities of Manifestations are of importance to the creation of works of art undeniable. Therefore, people call this hidden ability as inspiration, which is the creative opportunity or impulse of a fashion designer who has accumulated a long time and inspired by the external environment. Of course, it sometimes has occasional composition; it is also the most Can reflect the designer's talent and ability of the factors, but the inspiration of inspiration, understanding of the collection and use of only such talent is not enough, should be a deep accumulation of life, strong artistic connotation, a specific environmental experience and rich Based on social practice and closely related to social attributes and cultural factors.


Hegel also agrees with this view: In order to fan true inspiration, there should be a definite content in front of him, that is, the content captured by the imagination and to be artfully expressed. This means that inspiration is generated from the imagination. "Visible, inspired by inspiration can not be separated from life practice and social practice activities, inspiration is also the design of the flash point of aesthetic expression is the design of the soul and spirit."

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