Luoyang Museum Han Shi Ming Yue Hanfu Culture Exhibition

Luoyang Museum Han Shi Ming Yue Hanfu Culture Exhibition On the afternoon of the 15th, in the lobby of the first floor of the Luoyang Museum, a Hanfu culture show called “The Moon of the Han Dynasty” was staged here. 20 handsome men and women dressed in Chinese clothes, playing the guqin, chanting the "Book of Songs", dancing, (pictured) and the museum's quaint thick contrast.

The event was jointly organized by the Luoyang Museum and the Luoyang Traditional Culture Research Institute. The purpose was to display the Han and Taoist costume culture. The event kicked off with a portrait of the Han Dynasty pottery figurines, followed by Hanfu enthusiasts to display a variety of styles of Hanfu. One of the Han clothing lovers' wearing a goose-yellow-print printed tunic looks elegant and elegant. Luo Han, vice president of the Luoyang Traditional Culture Research Association, said: “This Hanfu dress is based on the lady of Xin Han unearthed from Mawangdui in Changsha. The restoration of dress is very representative."

Straight and deep clothes, Qufu dark clothes, and collar collar skirts... A beautiful piece of Hanfu lets visitors praise. After the show was completed, Zhao Guangpeng, a Hanfu fan, who wore a dark brown straight coat, deeply loved the famous book “The Book of Songs,” and he was a senior lecturer of the City Museum and a fan of Hanfu. The solo guqin solo was beautiful and elegant, and the rhyme lingered around. There were also solo and Han dance demonstrations that vividly demonstrated the clothing culture of the Han Dynasty.

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