Buy double healthy shoes for parents

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Although shoes don't seem to have much to do with peace, there are still many children who want to take the opportunity to show filial piety to their parents, not to mention a pair of suitable shoes, but also to give the elderly health extra points.

It is very important for old people to wear double-fitting shoes

With the deterioration of body function, the elderly will have poor blood circulation in their feet. It is prone to foot swelling, pain, and discomfort. Together with the elderly, the ability to balance becomes worse and worse, and it is easy to stomp and sprain. Induces or aggravates foot problems such as anterior foot pain and heel pain. In particular, some elderly people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have more peripheral arteriosclerosis, which also affects the feet. Therefore, health care for wearing shoes is even more important for them.

Old man buys shoes and remembers "three standards"

What kind of shoes are more suitable for the elderly? In fact, it is very simple, as long as you remember the "three criteria": First, good ventilation; Second, comfortable to wear, walking foot does not hurt; Third, fit the foot, the shoe is not too small.

Shoes shoes best

Footwear is nothing more than leather, leather, Cloth, these three categories of materials, and the shoe's air permeability is good on this material.

Inside and outside the leather shoes, the best breathable performance, canvas, cotton and Other cloth shoes are not bad, not only breathable but also absorb sweat, the two materials of the most suitable for the elderly wear shoes. On the contrary, whether Suede or leather, PU shoes, permeability is not as good as these two categories, the elderly can not wear without wearing, so as not to induce or aggravate athlete's foot.

1.5 to 2 cm high thick heel is more suitable

Looking at the material, it is the turn of the shoe. The thickness of the sole, the height of the heel, and the height of the back must be taken into account. This determines whether the shoes are comfortable to wear. Here are some things to note:

Look at the thin soles of moderate soles, about 5 mm. The end is too thin, easy to walk and foot pain; the bottom is too thick, the foot does not feel obvious when walking, easy to stomp. The bottom of the shoe is made of a good elastic tendon bottom and a thick layer of cloth. The softness has a little toughness. It is comfortable to wear and can disperse foot pressure.

Look at the heel of many elderly people like to wear flat shoes, in fact, did not follow the shoes, walking tired, followed by a certain height, walking will be more energy saving. Of course, older people can't wear shoes with too high heels, and a 1.5-2 cm thick heel is more appropriate.

After seeing the shoes, helping after the help is the place most people easily overlook. In fact, whether the back of the shoe and the heel are suitable is related to the comfort of walking shoes. After buying shoes, you must not buy shoes that are just under the bottom of your ankle. It is either higher or lower, otherwise, it is easy to wear the skin. In particular, when the elderly exercise, travel, use more feet, it is recommended to wear high-top sneakers over the neck, can protect the ankle, not sprain.

Whether the shoe fits in four sizes

Shoes do not fit, mainly to see the four dimensions, that is, full foot length, arch height and forefoot width, high shoes. details as follows:

The length of the shoe is about 1~1.5cm longer than the full length of the foot. When people buy shoes, people will see the shoe size, which means the full length. However, the most suitable shoe size is not the longest toe close to the top of the toe, but must be left 1 to 1.5 centimeters, or the longest toe close to the top of the toe, and can insert a finger wide at the heel. To prevent the feet from being squeezed or worn.

The highest point of the shoe arch pad and the highest point of the arch are matched. If the shoe arch pad can just withstand the highest point of your arch (where the arch is furthest from the ground), it means that the shoe's support to the arch is better. Minimize walking and standing fatigue.

The width of the front face of the shoe is the same as that of the forefoot. The distance between the first and the fifth toe is the width of the forefoot. The width of the front face of the shoe is at least equal to the width of the forefoot.

The upper is 1 to 1.5 centimeters higher than the back of the foot. Because of the difference in height of the foot, shoes with the same height of the upper are worn, and some people wear the foot and grow. Therefore, the upper is 1~1.5cm higher than the back. The vamp must not be too hard and it should be easier to bend naturally by hand.

Special requirements for special shoes for the elderly

Older people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or foot problems such as flat feet have some personal requirements.
Diabetics wear shoes must be relaxed, can not squeeze, especially the forefoot can not be tight, of course, can not be sloshing, ventilation is particularly good, therefore, fit the canvas shoes or shoes with stomatal beef tendon shoes, more suitable for them.

Hypertensive patients with hypertension should wear shoes with heel and foot arch pads. Such shoes are resistant to fatigue.

Patients with flat feet, such as those who have decreased or disappeared due to the arch, lead to hard focus, are not able to walk, and also have foot pain. In the early stage, wearing shoes with arched cushions; late, or the symptoms of the feet will go outside, you can go to the hospital orthopedic custom-made "oblique heel" shoes, that is, the heel at the high side, the lateral low.

Patients with large toe valgus have to have enough space in front of their shoes to squeeze their feet.

With the elderly patients with pain patients with heel fat pads shrink, prone to pain with pain. It is recommended to place a very soft silicone pad on the heel of the sole.

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