Home textile experts teach you how to buy bedding

One third of a person's life is spent in bed. Bed mats, paving, pillows, and covers are suitable for proper health and have a close relationship with human health. Choosing a set of bedding that is comfortable, affordable and suitable in color will bring more warmth to your life. There are so many beddings on the market, how can we find a set of affordable and practical bedding? To this end, we specially asked the experts of the Home Textiles Association to teach you a few tricks:

Buy bedding, there are experts who teach you how to buy cheap and heart

First, determine the fabrics you need according to your personal economic conditions.

1, such as: twill, plain, satin, printing, embroidery, jacquard and so on. Each fabric determines the price of this kit, from more than 100 to thousands. Among them, satin, printing, embroidering, and jacquard quality are better than plain and twill. Regardless of which material you choose, remember to choose the first-class product. Although the same material, the first-class product is relatively expensive, long-term use is worthwhile. For beddings that generally last more than eight hours a day, the quality directly affects people's health and mental state. Good quality bedding will definitely bring good sleep. If the economic conditions allow, spend more money. worth it.

2, a set of bedding of the same fabric, the brand price difference is very different, because the brand contains design layout fees and advertising fees, the price will be higher. Therefore, choosing some growing brands is not only beautifully designed, but also reliable, and the price is more affordable than some big names. Here is a good brand - Ailei Home Textiles. Their products are well-made, and the product style is the Nordic leisure style route. Fresh, natural and very stylish. At present, the store has been opened all over the country and it is a fast-growing brand. Brands like this in the promotion, in order to occupy the market in the early stage, generally do not sell high prices, and product quality control is also stricter.

3, to consider comfort, bedding is comfortable, fabric is the most critical. Cotton fabrics are soft, comfortable, and not easy to generate static electricity. Bedding is best to use natural cotton products with good moisture absorption. Cotton fabrics absorb sweat and soft, which is good for sweat glands "breathing" and good health, and soft to the touch. It is very easy to create a sleep atmosphere. There is a better point, that is, good care. There are also many types of cotton texture, and the fabric is roughly divided into plain, twill, and satin. Different fabrics will have different effects. The visual effects are different, the atmosphere of creation is different, and the decoration can be chosen according to your own pursuit and taste. The plain weave fabric is rough and warm, and it is a weaving method in a longitudinal direction. Compared with other fabrics, the hand feel is rough, but it is very strong. The difference in the yarn is different. The higher the yarn, the better the feel and the higher the comfort. The twill weave has a distinct slope, a slight luster, and the same yarn density, the feel and comfort are higher than the plain weave. Generally twill fabrics are printed, and the printed fabrics are plain and natural. Satin is a new fabric that is very flat, shiny, looks like satin, rich and gorgeous, more comfortable, but less durable.

Second, the rest is the aesthetic problem that everyone considers, good bedding, whether the color is good or not.

"Working" is the first requirement of bedding. Exquisite, smooth, needle-free, etc. is also one of the guarantees of quality. When choosing bedding, many consumers only care about the color pattern, and rarely ask color fastness. Pay attention to å“ŸEmbroidery means that after the cloth is woven, the pattern is embroidered by the machine, and the embroidery product has the characteristics of good breathability and moisture absorption. The jacquard is a pattern on the fabric, which is woven with different colors of yarn during weaving. Compared with embroidered fabrics, the cost is higher, the process is more complicated, and the bedding is softer and more delicate, the gloss is better, the hand feel is better, the quality and breathability are better, and it is more noble. So the price is generally At 800 yuan or more. Generally, the jacquard product can be used as a reference to measure the level of the manufacturer.

All of the above are well determined, and the rest is the pattern. The fabric of bedding is generally 100% pure cotton, and the color of the pattern is generally bright. But bedding is different from choosing clothes. The clothing only needs to match the personal temperament, and the bedding is used in the living room environment to match the overall and harmonious environment. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the coordination with the room environment and the particularity of the room function. At present, most of the home decoration styles are simple and modern decoration style. It's important to choose a bed that's perfect for your home. At present, hundreds of brands on the market, the most suitable home textile brand for simple and modern home style is Ai Lai's home textile products. Simple and stylish, very individual, advocating home textile fashion, unique among many brands. Because of its Nordic casual style, it is very popular among young people. And as a soft decoration for the home, it is very versatile. It's easy to show the fresh side of the home right away.

Whether it is the brand, or the price/performance ratio of the product. The style of bedding should be in harmony with the color and style of the room furniture.

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