Lee Japan Cowboys 2009 Spring Summer Official Image Style Photo

LEE is one of the W-shaped curtains. In the establishment of the U.S. curtain, Ni Yingcheng, LEE walked a long way. From the different stages of development, LEE can maintain a single application and still have a comprehensive application. In the course of the course of the show, LEE has taken an important position. The company’s HD LEE was originally a work clothes manufacturer, and in this world, it is mainly responsible for the production of 9-inch plastics for the US and small-scale employees (10) for Kang Ni-fu and workers. Some examples of R&D are still popular today, such as BIB'N'BRACE, as well as UNION ALL, which is a uniformed and uniformed worker in one of the world's largest universities. The company's product portfolio can be considered as a product for 910 years. Another revolutionary LEE was born in 1926. LEE was the first to pull the cowboy, which is the world's first LA cowboy.

Lee is one of the three classics of American cowboy culture. In 1926, it created the world's first zipper jeans. It was also known as a revolutionary innovation at that time. Lee Japan 2009 released the latest image ads in spring and summer. With a long history of Lee with popular elements, including black-rimmed glasses, check shirt, etc., but also can see the models rolled up pants, looks more spring and summer flavor, like Lee's friends do not imitate Look at the reference.

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