Europe and the United States mix and match style learning jacket Slim skirt integration movement lady style

Many women who love fashion should know something about it. The mix and match styles in Europe and the United States are very popular. People in Asia like to follow suit. The latest take in 2014, people are how to mix and match it? With two below to see you with personality, fashion, very lovable. Will it be the beauty of your favorite style?


Lemon yellow tights, beautiful fresh warm colors, skin age, people will look very comfortable. Party collar design, a unique type. Slim version of the model, long section of the package hip, outlines the charming posture, charm temptation. Mix and match beige jacket, oblique zipper, open collar design, very lovable.

欧美混搭风格学习 夹克修身裙融合运动淑女风

This dress is very personal, stitching design, wonderful hit color, very stylish European and American style. Neatly arranged Arabic numerals and black and white stripes, adding a bit of movement for the overall style. Slit skirt group, but there is a ladylike style. Mix a black stockings, canvas shoes but also very eye-catching.

The picture comes from: Ma Xianna women

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