Harbin ruins prehistoric jade replay

The double jade and blue jade looks like a piece of blue silk. Due to the discoloration of the bedding, this piece of silk is decorated with some impressionistic abstract paintings. The double cymbal is flat, the upper and lower are large, the lower chin is slightly longer, and there are round holes in the middle of the two cymbals. The shape is like the delicate mask on the masquerade. The honing technique is superb and abnormal, and the ochre is natural and extremely rare.

Harbin ruins prehistoric jade replay

The hook-shaped jade is complex in shape, abstract in form and exquisite in craftsmanship. Like a cloud, it seems to be awkward. It uses a combination of imitation and abstraction to show the beauty of tension. The body is flat and rectangular, with a curved hook at the center, similar to a spiral shape, and the four corners are symmetrically outwardly presented with a hook shape, and a shallow groove conforming to the contour of the body is honed on the front side.

These are the representatives of prehistoric jade artifacts unearthed from the prehistoric settlement of the Harbin people. With the perfect curtain call in 2012, the prehistoric settlement of Harbin in Tongliao City has just concluded the third year of archaeological excavation. This is a prehistoric settlement site that was hailed as one of China's top ten archaeological discoveries in 2010. Some prehistoric jade articles, some of which are new jade articles that have never appeared in the prehistoric civilization sites of the same period, are important materials for studying prehistoric jade articles.

These newly unearthed prehistoric jade textures are warm, varied, and exquisitely beautiful, dazzling: rounded square jade, double cymbal, hook cloud jade, animal head sculler, various pendants... among them The shape is 15 cm long, and the materials are exquisite and beautifully made. It and the rounded square jade have never been unearthed in the archaeological site of the previous prehistoric sites, and belong to the unique discovery of the Hamin site.

5,500 years ago, the ancestors of the Haman busy Ha site rushed at sunset and sunset at the magical land of Shebo Tu Town, Tongzuo City, Tongliao City. During the day, they use the production tools such as grinding rods, axes, hoes, chisels, hoes, hoes and balls to grow, fish, and hunt. At night, they go home to cook with stoves, and use pots, pots, pots, pots and other pottery storage. Food. Later, in the process of making and using stone tools, they slowly discovered the mineral of jade. In the face of this new thing, the ancestors are full of curiosity and often think that it is the law of God. Therefore, jade is usually regarded as the only carrier of the heavens and the earth, and most of the jade is used as a ritual sacrifice to worship the gods. Later, the ancestors discovered that jade was harder than ordinary stones, and they used jade to process other stone products. And because jade has a distinctive color and brilliance, it is crystal clear and fascinating, and the ancestors slowly use it to make ornaments and carry-on accessories. The number of jade is small and it is difficult to process, so only a few characters in the ethnic group, such as patriarchs and priests, are qualified to wear and use it. Jade gradually evolved into a ritual, ritual or totem. From then on, jade was transformed from a special stone into a symbol of power, status, wealth, and theocracy.

The ancestors of the Harbin people enjoyed their increasingly colorful life. Suddenly a terrible plague swept the land. In order to protect themselves, the ancestors who gathered in the distance would burn down the settlement of the Harbin people and see the settlement. Was swallowed by the fire, the sky was pouring up and down, and the fire went out. In the ravages of the plague, the outsiders buried the broken wall debris of the Harbin settlement with sand, and then covered with sand, there are more than 40 pieces of exquisite jade. This burial is more than 5,500 years. Now, after 5,500 years, after three years of careful excavation and research, these prehistoric jade objects have finally appeared again in front of people's eyes, replaying the light.

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