Long time wearing tight underwear, Siamese corset bring health hazards

Siamese corset, underwear fashion underwear , is the pursuit of many women's fashion wear. Dress properly, can make women more beautiful and healthier; if not properly dressed, there may be hurt or even cause disease. Some fashion dress for a long time, may give you health problems.


Figure: City Lady

Too tight underwear

Some women who are not perfect look after the one-sided effect of body-building, often wearing small and tight panties, so that not only will feel uncomfortable, and those strangulated rubber band, elastic fibers will also affect the blood circulation, and will make the local The muscles are inflamed, sweaty and inflamed.


Figure: City Lady

Siamese corset

Many women with chest, stomach and abdomen like to wear Siamese corset. Such long-term wear on the body can cause heartburn, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath and even pain in the heart.

Tight and narrow bra

If women wear tight and narrow bras for a long time each day, they will affect the breast and its surrounding blood circulation, so that toxic substances remain in the breast tissue, increasing the possibility of breast cancer.

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