Give Me Five children's clothing into the "hosting class story" of the boot ceremony

The 100-episode sitcom sponsored by Give Me Five Kids, "The Story of the Managed Classes," kicked off at Foshan, Guangdong on April 7, 2014, at 11 a.m. The play by Xian Wei Guang, Yang Jia-year-directed. By movie and television star Zhu Jia Yu, Andy (Wang Yiming), Zhang Ruijia, Guangdong local young actor Peng Xinzhi, Wang Juan, Jiaxin Wu and other stars. (Left), GMF Children's Wear General Manager Wang Wajun (first from left), director of GMF Children's Wear (right) ) "The Story of the Custodian Class" is the first children's indoor sitcom in Guangdong. It is a story of children and adolescents living in urban areas (including migrant children) who have spent their free time in school and various forms of living under the custody of summer and winter vacations. Humorous and revealing innocent thoughts and emotions of children from different angles, objectively discussing with parents how to correctly educate their children and handle family relationships, educating their children to distinguish right from wrong, and promoting the community's attention to the healthy growth of children and children, hoping that Aroused the close attention of relevant social education institutions. Give Me Five, a children's clothing brand from Spain, is designed to meet the growing needs of children aged 4-12 years while focusing on the mental health of children and creating a space full of love and imagination for children.


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