Military outdoor brand which Kawagoe military outdoor brand hot investment

Kawagoe brand in Dongguan City. Founded in 2011, is located in China's garment town ---- Humen. Kawagoe brand is a design, production, sales and service as one of the major chain clothing company. Companies keen to grasp the consumer demand for apparel market, Kawagoe apparel brand in the casual, stylish clothing style into the elements of military elements. Take the lead in the introduction of the military city hunt (personality city hunter) Kawagoe Dress Co., Ltd., Kawagoe, Kawagoe brand join military policy outdoor brand Daquan. Over the years, Kawagoe apparel company has always insisted: to give customers a five-star personalized service; alliances partners to create unlimited wealth; so that outstanding employees to become the company's core shareholder of the company's program. To work together, Tongde, with the efforts; truth-seeking, innovation, and development of the entrepreneurial spirit. Uphold forge ahead with enterprising, innovative, with the development, create a win-win business philosophy, we would like to work with all sectors of the community to forge ahead with the global consumers, franchisees, suppliers, win-win sharing; and go all out to "battlefield" forging into Military city hunt (personality city hunter) the world's first brand Kawagoe Clothing Co., Ltd., Kawagoe, Kawagoe brand joining policy military outdoor brand Daquan. In the international financial crisis led to a weak domestic and international market conditions, the top brand executives in Sichuan and Vietnam audited the situation, take a long-term perspective, formulated a series of precise strategic guidelines and decisive all-round co-ordination command, with keen foresight and insight to lead the staff The concerted efforts of the company so that the company opened this year to open a chain of franchise stores up to more than 60 companies in Sichuan clothing brand stand out in Dongguan, condensed into a bright star, blooming dazzling glory. He is - Kawagoe. After years of continuous development and growth, Dongguan Greenfield Garments Co., Ltd. has continuously enriched its strength. The chain stores affiliated to Sichuan-Vietnam brand companies have spread all over over 100 provinces and cities in China. Among them, only the province has more than 30 franchise stores. Should continue to expand the market, and today in Shenzhen Komeito opened a franchise outlets to meet the market and the vast number of consumers in Sichuan and Vietnam brand needs, so that Kawagoe brand in mainland China known to every family, at the same time with our trend-setting military service style, To bring people different tastes and fashion. Kawagoe Brand National Join Service Hotline: Wei Jingli QQ: Address: Baisha Community Station, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Sanli Building, Block B (next to Humen High Speed ​​Rail Station)

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