Correct platinum necklace maintenance

1. Don't let you wear a platinum necklace when you do housework. Because it is easy to get oil or bleach, oil can affect the luster of the diamond. Bleaching can cause spots on the metal.

2, should not wear a platinum necklace to do heavy work. Because platinum is wear-resistant, it can be damaged if it is hit hard in the direction of its texture.

3. Do not put platinum in other drawers or jewelry boxes. At the same time, platinum jewelry should not be worn at the same time as gold jewelry. Because gold is soft, if it rubs against each other, it will not only damage the gold jewelry, but also make the gold stain on platinum, make it yellow, and it is difficult to remove.

4. Every year, the platinum earrings are sent to the jewelry store for inspection to see if there is looseness and wear, so that they can be refurbished in time. Regularly calibrated by size, polishing, cleaning, etc. by professional jewelers or craftsmen trained in platinum maintenance.

5. The cleaning method is: immerse the platinum jewelry in the jewelry cleaning solution for about 5 minutes, and then remove the diamond with a small toothbrush after taking out. Then put it on the filter screen and rinse it with water. Finally, use a soft cloth to absorb the water.

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