Men's necklaces and rings

Necklaces and bracelets are jewellery that men can wear on many occasions. Men's necklaces and bracelets are generally rough and heavy, and their shapes and patterns are relatively simple. They mainly use simple geometric shapes such as squares, circles and triangles. Men's necklaces and bracelets are made of silver, steel and other materials, while the thick gold necklace has gradually withdrawn from the fashion stage.

The ring worn by men is thicker, and the ring and ring are relatively large in diameter. The style of the men's ring is simple, but the design always looks different and creative. The simple circular men's ring, because of the wide ring face, can make a lot of beautiful shapes. For example, the words "Fu, Shou, Lucky, Ruyi" are cast on the ring. The masks can also be engraved with animals, names and other patterns, personalized, and the name ring can also be used as a stamp.