Warm congratulations to Queensland Linzhou Queensland store grand opening

The end of this month, Queensland Queensland women's family has ushered in a new member, it is Queensland Lanzhou Linzhou shop! Queensland Sri Lanka women continue to expand the market, and gradually to the first Chinese women's brand! In the opening of this new store, the headquarters hand in hand with China Beauty Network congratulations to Kunming Lanzhou Linzhou shop opened, the rich source of money!


Opening ceremony, benefit the city! During the opening celebration, the audience 7.8 fold, 8.5 fold cap! Spend 199 yuan to apply for VIP card, enjoy more concessions! Such a huge discount, Linzhou parents have to seize this opportunity Oh!


Kun-Shi Lan adhere to the "unique design concept, superb technology, high-grade fashion concept, high-quality products, multi-series models, high-profile brand" the use of the most advanced marketing management system, the most efficient logistics system, the most Scientific resource sharing win-win model, the most extensive network of network expansion, the most complete after-sales service support as the company's core development, efficient integration of resources in all aspects, in the spirit of continuous pursuit of excellence, so that our cooperation alliance to gain market profit margins super Value return! Welcome to join the franchisee consultation, a total of business opportunities!

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