Yue Delicate Herbal Health underwear chest show

Time and beauty coexist, with the sun and vitality, Yue exquisite heritage of Chinese health culture, the essence of herbs, detoxification Yang Yan, magnetic points and other health elements and body underwear integration, to create a cover with maintenance, conditioning, sculpture and more Location, multi-functional health body new way.


Unlock your passion with a daring red! Teardrop-shaped cups will gently cover the breast, giving a full range of care and care, high chicken heart and under the cheek gentle hold up the chest, more firm and strong than the width of the underarm underarm milk and excess fat hide , All gathered to the chest.

玥玲珑本草养生内衣  美胸秀出来

Elegant and elegant turquoise do you like? Soft fabric fit the skin, bringing excellent wearing experience, exquisite embroidery highlight the retro palace-style luxury, the heart of the heart of the little decoration will be able to emit a dazzling light, ears Aberdeen extended to the shoulder strap, lifting the bondage And wearing pressure.

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