Approached Ding Dong cat hug happy childhood

Sixty-one approaching, the size of friends are how to want it? With 粑 粑 Ma Ma to eat dinner? Watching cartoons at home? Or puffed hemp Ma play fun amusement park together. . . . Tomorrow is the 61 International Children's Day. This is a festival for children. Nowadays, hempy babies also start to spend time with their babies. For nostalgic memories of childhood, but also to reduce the pressure of work and life. As people grow up day by day, that first purity and beauty will gradually fade into misty feelings or long-cherished dreams, and buried with childhood memories. And because of the brilliant festival of "Children's Day", nostalgic emotions make the memories clearer, then invited Xie Ma Ma together to relax, stop for a while, to do a "over-age children", looking for lost in the growth path Bit by bit. Let us experience the joy of Chongqing Wu's mother and her baby to bring us, feel the jingle Cat to bring them joy. Kindergarten organized by the environmental protection clothing production competition, has attracted many children to participate, Ms. Wu told us that their baby is very fond of Ding Dong cat children's clothes, feel comfortable and healthy. The concept of environmental protection and clinking cat is deeply rooted in the hearts of Ms. Wu touched the cat with the jingle cats made into the shirt with the skirt, the baby in the production process are also involved, which is a very good parent-child activities, but also to relax. Doraemon cat children wear, had a happy childhood, the children are also sun drying your 61, to share your happiness. Ding Dong Cat Commodity Co., Ltd. - Ding Dong Cat Brand Domestic Operations Center: High-tech Zone, Shantou, Guangdong Science and Technology East Road on the 3rd Golden House Building, 8th Floor National Advisory Join Hotline:,0754-8826657188465298 Official microblogging: Ding Dong Cat Mall: official website:


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