Fresh girls lingering little by little accumulation of beautiful condensed elegance

Every woman wants the path of temperament growth, each stage can have the age and status consistent with the temperament, serious bit by bit accumulated beautiful, finally condensed into elegant.


From pure to fresh, the moment solidified into a lingerie , the spring flowers and elegant lace are gathered in the body, with lace gently bordered border, framed into a period of endless appreciation of poetry and beauty clothing. Lace into butterfly folds, chest lace bow, shoulder lace with pure floral, charming.

清新少女内衣 一点一滴积累美丽凝聚优雅

Stereotypes cup thin under the thick, so that the breasts in the triangle area, natural care together, polka dot covered the cup surface, dissemination of cute girlhood pure charm, white lace stitching embellishment, even more three-dimensional. (Text in the photo: Amphia - Anniao underwear)

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