Do you have a red underwear? Amazing charm from the red start

Do you have a red bra? The red color is the traditional enduring virtue of Chinese tradition, a subtle smile filled on the bride's face. The red color shows the sweet and romantic dream of every pure girl. It is hot and positive and gives life's infinite hope and stunning , Charm, from here ...


Figure: experience underwear

On the thin under the thick mold cup, according to ergonomics, fat mobility, inclusive support to gather together to create a perfect career women, looming cups face dark pattern jacquard, romantic simplicity, fresh and natural, highlights the unique charm of Eastern women's intellectual and elegant flavor .

你有一套红色内衣吗?惊艳魅惑 从红色开始

Figure: experience underwear

Unique pleated lace process, enhance the sense of space and hierarchy, comfortable and natural, sweet lace, romantic tenderness, irresistible charm, classic deep V cup gather shape, good side push and focus effect, to prevent sagging, expansion, effective Shape and increase the soft temperament.

Building Toys:

Building toys are the children playing and most often one of the most favorite toy, it's a lot of more phyletic, style is varied, the educational potential of a good building block can let the baby get sufficient play. Building toys are often the cubic wood or plastic solid toys, generally in each surface decorated with letters or pictures, allow for different arrangement or construction activities, product all kinds of style, can develop children's intelligence, can spell into the house, all kinds of animals, etc. Building toys for children's intelligence development has a big role, is also a way to improve children's hand-eye coordination. Building toys play a lot of, can be arranged, joint, annular, symmetry and various styles for children's intelligence is helpful. Important is to let children when playing with Building toys themselves involved in proportion, symmetry, arithmetic in the early training very meaningful for children. Traditional building toys, a few blocks, optional collocation are to form a new geometric shapes, such as: two cubes can be combined into a rectangle;Two isosceles triangle body, etc., can be combined into a cube building blocks can exercise baby hands and feet coordination, promote the growth of the brain. From the type, can be divided into: animal, house class, language class, fruits, traffic classes, digital type, etc. There is a very interesting plastic building toy, one side convex granule, the other side could be embedded into the groove of convex granule, shape more than 1300, each kind of shape has 12 different color, with red, yellow, blue, white, black. It depends on the child's own brain, can hold a boundless change modelling, cuddly, known as the "magic plastic building toys". As long as there are enough building block can be built almost everything. Building Toys construction scheme is no right and wrong, so different people can have very different construction methods, but often the first step should be research and planning. Another snow building toys, snowflake made of plastics, a novel and unique baby educational toys, craft process, can exercise the brain development, finger flexibility, yet. Still have a kind of magnetic building toys, different color different shapes and different sizes of magnetic blocks, the children can use your imagination and creativity, animals, buildings and so on all sorts of modelling.


Building Toys:

1. Name: Building Toys.

2. Material: ABS, acrylic, wood, Eco-friendly, could meet EU standard

3. Size: Customer size.

4. Color: pantone colors as per customer

5. Usage:children.

6. Logo: Printing and mould injection.

7. Imprint Method: Silk printing; Heat transfer printing and so on

8. Style: Stylish, Customized style is available.

9. Feature: Safety materials with certification.

10. Packing: 1pcs/opp or Customized packing is accepted.

11. Design: ODM, OEM, Design Service Offered and Buyer Label Offered are welcomed.

12. Shipping Port: Ningbo or Shanghai.

13. Shipping Method: By Courier, Air cargo and Sea.

14. Sample time: 7-10 days.

15. Shipping time: 20-30 days after confirmation.

Building Toys

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