La Perla spring and summer new product outlines the charming romantic charm of women

La Perla is the pride of Italy's top luxury fashion, more crazy than another well-known Italian underwear brand LEVANTE. LA PERLA is a dream, is a noble dream. The world's most beautiful and most expensive underwear brand launched today in the spring and summer of 2013 new, sexy and yet sacred, bright and fresh and pleasant.

La Perla春夏新品 勾勒浪漫迷人的女性魅力

Passionate red underwear is always sexy stuff, simple style and thin shoulder straps even more delicate skin and the devil-like body Oh.

La Perla春夏新品 勾勒浪漫迷人的女性魅力

Full of luxurious gold color is always the first time to attract the attention of others, the sexy lace show looming romantic.

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