The whole city with He Kanglu Ni Hainan Ledong underwear beautiful bloom

January 13, 2013, Kang Lu Ni () Beautiful family and then new members - Hainan Ledong underwear grand opening.

Kang Lu Ni () Hainan Ledong underwear shop is located in Ledong County Lexiang Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, and the new Ledong Bus Station across the road, is located in the downtown area.


Ledong Commercial Pedestrian Street is a key commercial area integrating business, culture and tourism in Ledong County. It will be the center of Ledong City business card.

Kang Lu Ni () Hainan Ledong underwear shop and Ledong commercial pedestrian street held a grand opening ceremony simultaneously. Opening day, Pedestrian Street held supermodel display, theatrical performances, on-site treasure hunt, lucky draw and a series of activities to attract a large number of people to go.

全城同贺 康璐妮海南乐东内衣店美丽绽放

Kang Lueni () chic decoration style, innovative design, rich products gathered together high popularity. On the opening day to achieve a very gratifying results.

全城同贺 康璐妮海南乐东内衣店美丽绽放

I believe in the near future, Kang Lu Ni () will be the preferred Ledong underwear brand.

Welcome to visit the company, Kang Lui wish you success as early as possible to join underwear brand entrepreneurship projects, to enjoy a healthy life!

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