Jade Carving Characters and Jade Carving Characters Prospect Market Analysis

Tang Baiyu Carving Double Music

Jade carving is one of the oldest sculptures in China. During the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, jade became a profession, jade became a ceremonial apparatus and decorative pieces. Jade has always been regarded as a treasure. In ancient China, jade was regarded as a symbol of good things and a symbol of gentleman style. There are many varieties of jade carvings, mainly including large-scale works such as figures, utensils, birds, beasts and flowers, as well as small pieces such as pins, rings, seals and ornaments. Chinese jade carving works enjoy a high reputation in the world. Jade carving figures directly reflect the human image and appearance of jade products. It can refer to single or multiple character shapes, and can also refer to the pattern of characters on other objects. There are many types of jade people, such as Buddha statues, Taoist priests, mythical figures, ladies, old people, children, historical figures, etc. The postures are upright and squatting.

The Neolithic jade people focus on the big eyes, big mouth, and big nose of the characters. They are engraved with a single Yin line, and the eyes are mostly round and olive. The round jade man appeared in the Shang Dynasty, the basic shape is a cylinder, a prominent feature of the face is the word of the word, the forehead is narrow and small. In the Shang Dynasty, a flat jade carving appeared in a flat shape, which was made into a skull shape, and a whole figure with a high crown and a body curl was attached. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, the jade ornaments were exquisitely detailed, and the hair styles were indicated by fine stencil lines. The knife method was slender and dense, and the silk was not messy. The more common characters in the Han Dynasty are the dancers and Weng Zhong, who pay attention to the dynamic depiction of the characters. In the Song Dynasty, there were characters like "Tonglu", "Jade Old Man" and auspicious meanings. The main feature of the Yu people in the Yuan Dynasty was the monkey face, which outlined the five features with a thick Yinxian line. In the Ming Dynasty, the jade people were mostly the characters of the birthday or the Buddha and the Tao. They generally had large heads, long faces and small noses, and the Yinxian lines were detailed and the pleats were less. The jade people of the Qing Dynasty were almost all three-dimensional sculptures, and the five-character paintings were more concentrated.

When the character jade carving develops to the peak, the shape is more and more novel and unique, and the production is exquisitely carved, and the characters are trying to reflect the reality. Pursue the perfect unity of the inner beauty and the beauty of the character jade carving.

There are many jade carving figures, and the key factor determining their value is jade. The common jade materials of domestic new jade include Xinjiang Hetian jade, Liaoning jade jade, Shaanxi Lantian jade, and Henan Dushan jade, among which Xinjiang Hetian jade is the most valuable. After thousands of years of excavation, Hetianzi is now very scarce, and the demand for Hetian jade in the market is growing, leading to a doubling of raw material prices in recent years. The rise in the price of raw materials for jade has driven the price of the entire new jade market to soar. At present, the price of the Chinese jade market has doubled the price of the US market, showing the trend of the return of jade from all over the world to China. According to expert analysis, in the next decade, Hetian jade will be one of the hot spots in the global collection industry.

Seeing the situation, the market prospect of jade carving figures is good. According to the materials of jade carving characters, the character jade carvings are worth collecting.

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