9 coups to quickly get rid of indoor odor

Core tip: Does the kitchen smell? The trash can smells bad? Various indoor odors are unbearable, and indoor odors not only affect the health of the body, but also affect the mood. How to remove indoor odor?

In daily life, people want their room air to be fresh, but for some reason, there will always be some odors in the room, such as cigarette smell, kitchen smell, trash can smell, these odors are unbearable, and the indoor odor is not affected. It’s just health and mood. It’s the key to refreshing the indoor air and removing the odor. How to remove indoor odor?

1. Musty smell: Every summer, the room is damp, and many places in the house will be moldy and have a musty smell. You can put a piece of soap in the moldy place, such as drawers and cabinets, so that you can remove the moldy smell and emit it. fragrance. It can also be placed in these places with dried tea bags or charcoal bags, which also has good results.

2, cigarette flavor: cigarette flavor is more difficult to remove, but it is often seen, because there are too many people smoking. When there is a cigarette smell in the room, you can eliminate the smell of cigarettes by waving or garnishing the gauze with vinegar.

3, room odor: For the general smell of indoors, you can drop a few drops of perfume or toilet water, wind oil on the bulb, when they meet the heat will burst out of fragrance, this method is simple and practical.

4, kitchen odor: when cooking in the kitchen, there will be a great taste, you can put a little vinegar in the pot to heat evaporation, can eliminate some kitchen odor.

5, fishy smell: when the fish is a big fish, you can put some used warm tea in the hot pot, the fish smell will disappear.

6. Paint smell: There is always a strong paint smell in the room where the paint is used. You can put a few pots of cold salt water in the room. After one or two days, the paint smell will be eliminated.

7. Flower odor: If you use fermented solution as fertilizer in indoor flower growing, it will emit an odor. It can be used by mixing chopped fresh orange peel into liquid fertilizer to eliminate odor.

8, trash can smell: trash can often have a smell, then you can use baking soda to deodorize, directly spread the baking soda into the trash can, sprinkle three times a day. Also rinse with water and disinfect regularly to be hygienic.

9, interior decoration odor: use the basin filled with cold water, then add the right amount of vinegar, put it in a ventilated room and open the furniture door, can eliminate the odor, the evaporation of water can also protect the paint surface. In addition, you can raise more suitable plants in the room, use charcoal bags, and open windows to open the air. These are good ways to get rid of the smell of the room.

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