Wearing a solar cell fabric clothing is not afraid of cell phone is dead

Wearing a solar cell fabric clothing is not afraid of cell phone is dead The Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture in central Japan launched on December 11 a cloth woven from extremely thin, small-spherical solar cells that can be made into garments such as tops or trousers to supply electric power to the electronic devices it carries.

According to the researchers, the new fabric is made up of extremely thin solar cells that people can sew into tops or trousers and, if necessary, power the mobile phones and other electronic devices they carry. The clothes made of this special fabric can literally light our lives. Solar cell fabrics can eventually allow the wearer to harvest energy while walking around.

However, its inventors admit that there is still a lot of work to be done before putting fabrics on the market. An official of the technical center stated: "Before commercialization, we still have some problems to be solved, such as the coating of conductive threads and improving the durability of such fabrics."

The person in charge of the center stated that now we have contacted some electronics manufacturers who are very interested in the invention. However, the development and production of new fabrics in the future will cooperate with solar cell manufacturers and other private companies based on the Kyoto Protocol.

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