Sowing women's clothing 2012 winter warmth hit the luxurious sense of the fur sucking eyes No. 1

Broadcast show women have always believed that clothing is not just clothing, or people on fashion and life understanding and awareness, when a pure heart and perseverance romantic love, we will be able to break through the mundane, played beautiful music. Sow show women's autumn and winter of 2012 is also followed by the pace of fashion, there will be a perfect interpretation of the sense of the fur, a variety of different styles of mashup make you shine, confident out of the street, Hold live temperature and grace.

播秀女装2012冬季温暖来袭 奢华感皮草出街吸睛No.1

Luxury sense of fur uneven, showing three-dimensional, orange girdle split upper and lower body proportion, orange chain bag to enhance the overall Look, lace leggings sexy still exist.

播秀女装2012冬季温暖来袭 奢华感皮草出街吸睛No.1

Orange fur coat in winter street wear clothing must be eye-catching dress, long section of leather gloves and matching envelope packages are must-have item Chic-type ride, lace leggings let loose on the lower body has caused, to create the perfect profile .

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