Nine Garnett men summer new innovative fashion business men

Nine Garnett focus on business casual men, men's business men's adhere to the ultimate comfort of mining, has always adhered to the "innovation, fashion, business and leisure" principle. The European and American fashion leisure will always be integrated into the brand and products, and continuously enhance the connotation of the brand, forming its unique style. Black and white splicing wind, as the eternal classic, but also add innovative elements. In the waist on both sides of the curved lines splicing, not only innovative fashion spirit, but also cleverly reached the effect of body modification lines. Dingzhu style buttons decorated on the placket even more refined details. POLO striped shirt, summer business men's essential single product. White striped POLO shirt looks very fresh, blue and black gradient horizontal line embellishment which will be the POLO shirt and mediocre distinction. Small details of innovation bring endless taste of fashion.


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