Metersbonwe new energy technology cashmere bring new life energy

As a chase fashion trendsetter, whether you are in the winter for the temperature and style can not have both worry? Ordinary down Jacket only high fluffy have a good warmth, but certainly you are still enjoying the warmth is still worried about their own body has become a shame into a "bloated" Mori girl. This winter, Metersbonwe will help you bid farewell to the bloated winter and reproduce the delicate curves. Compared to past imitation cotton material "in the three outer three" package, this season Metersbonwe products using the latest research and development of new energy science and technology velvet material to be more light self-cultivation, and very convenient storage, not folded There will be marks, gently tap to instantly restore the original shape. Its unique self-cultivation three-dimensional cut with a variety of design elements to meet all kinds of consumers, a unique interpretation of the city of people, street style, small fresh, literary Fan children and other styles, make you a winter fashion leader.

美特斯邦威 新能量科技绒 带来生活新能量

Metersbonwe new energy technology cashmere using native thermal fiber technology, and compared to ordinary down jackets will not appear cashmere, even if the wear of a long time do not have to worry about quality problems, but also in the style of classical elements into the fashion design, Wing However, unlike ordinary cashmere clothes or down jackets, wearing a season, the warmth and style of clothes and other aspects of the effect will be greatly reduced.

美特斯邦威 新能量科技绒 带来生活新能量

Of course, if you are a green life who love life, that season Metersbonwe new products will be your best choice. As winter essential items to withstand the cold, comfort, safety, environmental protection is the most essential elements of demand. We all know that in order to make clothes white, brighter and more vivid, most common winter cotton lint or down products will add fluorescent agent. However, as everyone knows, long-term exposure to such chemicals can make human cells appear the tendency of variability, the toxins accumulate in the liver or other vital organs, directly affect human immunity, and even become potential carcinogenic factors. Therefore, Bingzhe the concept of safety and environmental protection, Metersbonwe new energy technology velvet material to eliminate fluorescent agents, will not cause any harm to the human body, with the healthy quality of winter positive energy transfer.

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