Ludi Shi modified underwear for the Oriental women create the perfect curve

Each elegant woman's body has a special underwear , it may not be the most expensive, not the most exquisite, but it is the most suitable for you, to your advantage set off more perfect. Ludi Shi in the East for women to create the perfect curve of the body shape, the Italian design concept and the characteristics of the Eastern women the perfect combination to create a scientific, healthy, elegant and stylish modified underwear, 尽显 female charm.


360-degree all-inclusive model cup, give the breasts the most intimate care, gathered around the chest at the same time, to create a sexy career line. High-quality printed fabrics and lace embellishment, the more enjoyable underwear, a powerful feature is the female breast, plastic chest indispensable products.

露蒂诗修正型内衣  为东方女性塑造完美曲线

Delicate water-soluble fabric, gives you an unparalleled wearing experience, elegant colors, no exaggeration, not publicity, but did not diminish the sense of elegance, as you are exudes temperament in general, and your perfect blend.

Women's thick bottom sandals and slippers, high-end quality, fashionable design, comfortable experience, wearing slippers in public is a fashion (especially for women). These women are "Slipper women". Because many so-called "slippers" of girls are very beautiful and fashionable.Many styles and colors

Women Slipper

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