Ted Baker 2013 spring and summer fashion the most wise men's women's clothing

Inheriting the old-school style and blending with modern style, bright and vivid colors and bold prints printed on Ted Baker's spring / summer 2013 fashion blend with simple, rustic fabrics and flowing lines to bring a world classy class. . The Ted Baker grandly launched the spring and summer 2013 women's series that upside down beings, so that women elegant charm quietly bloom. Light, if nothing dragging to the long skirt using a variety of colors and printing, called the brand logo orchids and spring and summer time colorful rich each other. Classic dress, from the retro style of floral patterns will be the French style of wallpaper design play the most vivid style; vibrant summer floral pattern - ingenuity with lime and coral, 50's dress and 60's cute Short canvas jacket brings the modern taste of fashion. The new printed denim clothing opens a new space for Ted Baker printing, with warm colors like lime and citrus, a new mix of pink and pastel colors. Rough-fitting sandals, cylinder bags or large handbags, exotic strapless bags, crystal bracelets (bright neon colors or warm pastel colors) create the perfect accessory collection. Ted Baker, famous for its exquisite cutouts and color prints, this season's bespoke and overcoat is a soft palette. Semi-spherical shoulder profile to add a bit boyish, supple and smooth fabric highlights the femininity. The 1950s sophistication combined with 21st century style; Ted Baker's Spring / Summer 2013 collection combines feminine and beautiful femininity with "International Vanity" to enable modern women to enjoy their everyday life. Men are equally favored, in this season's men, Ted Baker carefully crafted a self-confident, wise and elegant series, the men and boys are completely separate. This season's men's clothing inspired by Ted Baker inadvertently discovered the souvenir of the past, both color and printing, and selection of lightweight fabrics and linings, in the bag is more meticulous design, make you impeccable. Mercerized cotton twill pants, jeans and shorts (embroidered flamboyant shorts and T-shirt-based) bold with bright colors, stripes and floral pattern shirt is quite neat and tidy. Knitwear, including merino woolen sweatshirts and Fair Isle summer patterns, needle pattern lightweight and luxurious. Fruit collar striped sweaters, colored Polo shirts, T-shirts and bright undershirts and other works is extremely eye-catching. Bags, small backpacks and briefcases and other accessories and more use of leather and canvas fabric mix and match, the color is very conspicuous. Towel with Paisley whorl pattern with a variety of printing with a soft hat is full range of children. Welcome to Ted Baker's Spring / Summer 2013 series: The smartest men's, women's and accessories emphatically dwarf everything else. As Ted Baker said, self-confidence is both a mentality and a synonym for Windsor.

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